Instrumentals & the human connection. [Opinion]


I am quite fond of instrumentals.

Especially when I feel that the music can tell a story. Fill a void within your body. Stir up a feeling of emotion. Music makes us feel human. No matter who we are, we get lost in music. We can feel it grip us. Instrumentals I feel have a deeper connection to us. Why? Because it’s just the instrumentation connecting with us. Leaving it up to us to interpret the story and cause a curiosity – bring about a world of fantasy and imagination!

When I need to break away from reality, my favorite instrumentals are my key. It’s funny how I interpret the songs – even when heard plenty of times – a different way depending on my emotion that day. I feel very fortunate to have this confidence and connection with my humanity. Many people deprive themselves of this marvelous and curious connection.

I have to thank music for being my confidant for so long and my companion to keep me keyed into humanity. To keep me from shedding my humanity shell and to chase after my dreams. It gave me self empowerment. Hope. Love. Hate. Pain. Good. Evil. It gave me a connection to the natural world.

This is my opinion on instrumentals.

What is yours?

– Mercy


Recommended Instrumentals:


You Just Know…


So many of us spend too much time wondering what if and doubting the lovely world around us. When something is going great – we tend to look at what could happen instead of the beautiful reality before us. Many people say I’m too young to know my emotions fully and that “living in sin” with my boyfriend is an entirely bad idea. I always get asked: How do you know you want to be with him long term? The thing is, you just know. When you have an argument, you can’t walk away because you’re so worried if the other one is okay. You support them in their time of need, even when times are dark. You become a team of one, instead of two individuals lost within the world. Your souls intertwine at a spiritual level. I may be a young lady. I have much of this world ahead of me. But, I am confident in saying that I know he will always be there. Through the amazing and through the horrid. It’s a feeling within my gut, heart, and soul. It’s an unexplainable connection, which is why it’s so hard to answer the question. It’s one of those things people have to experience first hand!

Don’t be Afraid! Stop What Iff-ing and start living!

Myself and my love.

Myself and my love.


We met awhile back and started discussing music, dreams, films, etc. and noticed we had a lot in common. It wasn’t before long, we went from friends to lovers. Even as friends, we could both sense there was something more to the relationship. When angry, we never fail to bring a smile upon our faces. When things are horrid, we keep each other afloat against the waves of the sea of depression. I never thought I could meet someone so dear to me. Feel so much emotion and feel so alive!

After living hours away from each other, we decided to move in together. It was the best thing we could do for our lovely relationship. Why? Because it made us stronger. We no longer had to feel depressed when the other was gone away due to technological difficulties and such.

Our connection is deep and unique. We can feel each others emotions. We instantly know when something is wrong. We walk the same path. Faithfulness and Loyalty is still out there in the sea of the unfaithful. I found my love and you can find yours.




Childhood Memory – White Zombie & My first song


Hello Creeps.

Whilst at work, I was watching the music video for White Zombie’s More Human than Human. When I was a little girl, I used to hear and watch this video all the time. That is the band that caught my attention with bass. Especially, since a female was on the bass guitar. Me being the little curly haired blonde that I was would secretly pretend I was Sean Yseult.

Image from Google Images.

Image from Google Images.

Yep. Thanks to Sean I was inspired to up the bass. Although it wasn’t easy. I first tried out drums. But drums didn’t feel “me” at all. I felt off. It wasn’t my place nor in my heart. In the school band I was a clarinetist, but at home I would start practicing bass material on this cheapo off-brand bass guitar that was picked up at a fire station garage sale. I’ve always been attracted to the sound of the bass. Whether it’s in a Groovy metal tone such as White Zombie, Heavy Doom like in Type O, and my favorite DISTORTION! For some reason, the sound of the bass felt in my heart. I could relate, pour my heart out and just play for hours.

Old Picture of good ol' Me.

Old Picture of good ol’ Me.

The first song that I came up with was of Halloween creatures. I would stand up in front of my grandma’s dishwasher – so I could see my reflection – and sing as loud and lovely as I could about the moon, the stars, and the “skelskins” (skeletons – gimmie a break! I was 3!). I would continue to sing on about how the creatures weren’t scary at all but how they were my friends. (if that didn’t hint to the fact that I would turn into this:

© Mercy Desdemona 2013

© Mercy Desdemona 2013

I do not know..)

Back to my tale, I would always sing songs that had a sort of story. All coming from my imagination. As a young adult, I see that I am still that person. Music is my calling and will never leave me. Being a vocalist and bass player means a lot to me. It’s where I know everything is okay. It’s where I know my imagination is still alive within me. Creativity never dies. I am proud to be of the imaginative kind. So many people grow up to become the stereotype that you must let dreams die and sacrifice your well being for it all.

That my friends, isn’t the case. What is the point of living life a lie when you could be living the life you’ve always wanted and enjoy it?

Have a dreadful Thursday mourning.

— Mercy Desdemona —

A godless socie…


A godless society isn’t the bad one. It’s the emotionless, unimaginative, and robotic society that is the bad. It’s also a danger to humanity.

I was doing some critical thinking with my boyfriend today, and I said this. Thought it would be could to post up. What are your thoughts on the matter? 

I for one believe that mythologies and urban legends were tools to shape us to be caring human beings. That polytheism showed the strength of working in numbers, instead of the a one realm leader dictating all.

I hope when it is my turn to pass on, I will be in the mystic land. My lovely Utopia.

– Mercy

7 Relaxing Songs


Creeps – I am going to share with you seven (cuz I like odd things :P) songs that I find relaxing. They are songs I listen to when I’m going for a walk with nature or on an exploration or just sitting there after a hard day. These songs touch my soul. Enjoy my creeps. Thank you so much for the follows and the likes. 🙂 I enjoy your blogs as well! I give you all a creep or two when I see a notification.


Nice Deeds



Today we’re going to talk a little about nice deeds. Doing a nice deed because out of kindness is always a good thing. The negative is when people do nice deeds and then expect payment back for the nice deed. They hold it over your head like a storm cloud. This is when people only do good deeds because it’s what they are told is right, NOT because they feel it within themselves to do this deed automatically.

Examples of good deeds are:

A. Helping one on the side of the road with a flat tire and not expecting a payment for the job.

B. Giving someone a ride to work or an appointment and not keeping tabs on how many times you’ve done this.

C. Baking a snack at your own free will for someone’s special occassion or just becuase you feel like the person deserved a home cooked desert and NOT expecting anything in return.

I remember this one time my dad came home from a trip downstate. He told us about helping a man in a vehicle who was broke down on the side of the road. My dad pulled over and helped the man out. He had tools and such available on his truck and didn’t want to leave the man stranded on the highway. He didn’t want any payment in return. He knows how it feels to be trapped on the side of the road and how many times he wished someone would aid him at those times.

About a week or so later a letter came in the mail. It was a letter from the man he had helped thanking him for all the help and how grateful he was that he got to his location on time. He went on to say how he was shocked someone even stopped to help as it’s a rare occurance nowadays and much more.

You see – when you do nice deeds out of the fact that you’re a nice person, you make people realize that the world isn’t all bad. That there are other individuals out there that still have a shred of humanity. You give people a smile and a soul full of warmth. Because they know you are doing this out of the fact you’ve been in their shoes or if you haven’t you try to understand.

When you do nice deeds just because a book (holy bible etc) or you’re taught it is the right way to live because it’ll push you farther up society’s coat tales – it’s wrong. Because it’s not from the heart. It’s a show. An act. And you expect a return for the nice deed, making the person feel bad for taking help from you or bullying the person into thinking they would be nothing without you.

I guess what I’m saying here – there’s a difference between a genuine person and a fraud. Don’t let them beat you down because they want to be perfect. They will never account for their mistakes or actions. Always use a scapegoat. They’ll never learn from the mistakes. Just keep masking them.

You’re better than that.

– Blood, guts, and a little bit of jumbled wisdom,

Mercy Desdemona

Living in Sin


Hello Creeps. I’m going to take a moment out to discuss why I think people saying “Living in Sin” are full of crap.

My boyfriend and I live together. We aren’t married and we aren’t engaged. We are boyfriend and girlfriend – a serious relationship. Sure, we’re in our early twenties and people see us as too young to know what serious is. But, that isn’t the case. We talk to each other when there is something wrong – like adults would. We don’t just blow up at each other and act like kids. Secondly, we help each other and my family. We contribute to the household and work on obtaining our dream career.

We get crap from religious relatives telling us that we are living in sin. We get watched by them when they are visiting too. Because they think we’re going around trying to get pregnant and be a sinner in our life. We both aren’t religious people. It’s not a sin to live with the person you love. In fact, living together is helping our relationship more than hurting it.

It’s helping us know each other from the inside out. We’re like best friends and boyfriend and girlfriend. There’s nothing wrong with that. The term living in sin is retarded. I personally, don’t think anyone should get married before they are 40. I say this because that is when you are old enough to make that decision. So many people just get married because of a child on the way, to make others happy, or because they are told it’s the “right thing to do”. That’s NOT what marriage should be about. It’s about the affection between two individuals that choose to get married because THEY want too. Not because they are tired of the backlash of “living in sin” people. Because they truly want to combine.

I honestly think marriage isn’t a necessity. If anything, it makes people into actors and actresses. Because they think okay, we’re married life is changing. It’s not different than being faithful to your boyfriend or girlfriend. But because of people’s ideals pushed in our brains we end up becoming the stereotypes (i.e. woman bitches about socks on the floor; man lays on couch and chugs beer.) When in reality, it doesn’t need to be like that. Stop becoming the stereotype. Just because you get married doesn’t mean you have to change who you are. And living in sin doesn’t mean you are going to hell. It means you are being a smart individual. Learning your lover. Working hard at the relationship. It means that you are taking a mature step in your life. You’ve thought out the pros and cons. And are willing to accept the ups and downs. It’s no different than marriage except the fact that you don’t have family members trying to dictate your life becuase they just see your relationship as disposable.

“Living in Sin” doesn’t make you an irresponsible child. Getting married for other people’s reasons and playing house makes you an irresponsible child.

– Mercy Desdemona