Blog Changes & Travel Notices


Hello my little vamps!

Just to touch base with all of my follows that there will be some blog changes. To kick off the changes I have decided to do a review every Wednesday night in February of a film. I’d really like to get back into doing album reviews too. Whether it be new or old. I am also going to put my travel journal here as I have been given opportunities! I am invited down to a convention in Pittsburgh, PA and have a photo shoot opportunity. I’m also working on doing a project for YouTube where I will v-log my travels around the world. Why?  Because I’m used to being a complete shut in and not having a life. I am also making big changes to YouTube. All videos that I have made with unsuccessful entertainment I am making PRIVATE. I am no longer associated with that. I am also making the videos from my other account with Morticia and Luna private.

I have grown a lot in the butt end of 2015. And I would like to continue my journey straight forward. I made some awesome memories in 2015 but unfortunately 2015 was full of the more shitty memories. 2016 is my year to do what I want to do in life. No matter how bizarre people tell me my dreams are.

Much love Vamps.


Yours Truly,






It’s that time of year again for Scare-A-Con! Only this year things will be different. I am going to have a chance to interview Joanne Padgett author of Vampire’s of Camelot. I met her at Scare-A-Con 2013 and last month we had a brief chat on Facebook and she agreed to a small interview! I’m very excited for this opportunity. 

I also have an opportunity to be an alt model and I’m taking it. I’ve always wanted to get into that world! I’m very excited. 

I will be 24 in September! Woooooooo~! Happy mid Twenties to me~! What a better way to celebrate with three tattoos? 😉

I would like feedback from you readers. If I have any left since I’ve been internetless…

Would you prefer interviews be written or filmed?



Hey guys. I’ve been reading some messages in my inbox, and someone has asked me how to deal with failure.

We now live in a society where we are brought up with an “everyone wins” mentality. I’m sorry darling, that isn’t correct. We don’t all win. Infact, currently in my own life it feels like I’ve been given the short end of the life stick. However, my pets… remember that failure and rejection is infact a part of REAL life. We will have failures that beat us down into the dirt. Knock out teeth out and want us to forget where we are going. Thing is… failure can bloom beauty! Failure is how we learn and adapt. You keep going like the beast you are because your soul is meant to be something!! Cherish every failure like a success, and remember the failures when you celebrate the success so you never make that mistake again.

Mercy Desdemona

Creepy Adventure


Hey Creeps! Tonight is my boyfriend’s pre-birthday bash. So, a friend from out of town came up to celebrate. We went out to dinner and then we decided to go to this really eerie church in the woods that has been rumored to have a severe cult following. Judging by statements given by people that used to attend, they began to feel uncomfortable with the sermons, te way people began to be a bit odd. So, sure why not go to this church in the middle of the night right??

We had trouble even finding the place because its on a back road in the woods, there is a small sign and a status of Jesus Christ in the front. There was a small house behind the church with no lights on, no vehicles around. We noticed a dim light on in the back of the church, the whole place gave me an eerie vibe. We went up to the front door, a security light came on and it wouldnt turn off even when we left. The doors were locked, so we went back into the car. We got onto the main drag of road, and a car followed us from the chur h road. Like, super tailgating us. At first, we thought that they wanted to make sure we werent vandals. Which makes logical sense, why else would 20 somethings go to a church at night??? We decided not to drive directly to my house, so we went to the gas station. We all went in. After about 5 or 10 minutes,  we went out to get in the car to go home, and there were pamphlets for the church under the windsheild wipers!! It was frickin’ weird as hell!

The Cold, The Hungry, The Determined


Hey Devils & Ghouls.

How’ve you been? I miss you guys lots and hope to come back full force with the first episode of Mercy’s Macabre and Review Fridays! I’ve been going through a major struggle in my life. So severe that sometimes I want to give in and just say screw it. But that’s not who I am. I know what it’s like to be frozen. I know what it’s like to go hungry. But my determination never dwindles. I’ve lived with self doubt too long. I know my strength. I just wonder sometimes if I should v-log about it or keep it to myself. You devils and ghouls that have supported me since the Morticia (Mercy) and Luna Show have been fantastic! I’m so glad to have met and at least chatted with a few of you guys. It’s amazing and I promise to come back. I miss it all!

My boyfriend has been my rock through all of this! Without him, I don’t think I would be as sane as I am in my current position. I’m still struggling to get my family’s business going. In my mind I can see that we’re close, but we have a lot of struggles to get through first! The main thing that has to happen is the openness within the family. The power trips and egos need to go away. We need to be an army of one to get through this. It won’t be easy. It’s such a big challenge. But I will be satisfied when it’s completed!


I stumbled upon this today… Doro doing a Dio tribute. Gotta say, her voice fits it perfectly.




I adore each and everyone of you devils and ghouls.


Your mistress of horror will return. Promise.


Bloody Kisses,

Mercy Desdemona



Devils and Ghouls,

I miss you greatly. I miss being a creative miss to offer crappy entertainment for your souls. Mercy’s Macabre is still in the works. I am currently working on a logo idea for the show and figuring out a  few more things that need to be in place before I even bother to film it. My boyfriend and I are also going to be bringing back the Unsuccessful Entertainment Channel with newer reviews and such. We are also working on an animated series with one of our friends. There’s a lot in the works but it is definitely worth the wait.

On another note, I’ve been going through a lot in my life off the web that had me spinning out of control! I’m hoping tomorrow gives me the beautiful answer that I need to push forth with all my hard working efforts! Four years — Four hard working years are being put into this… and it’s bout time I reap some rewards from my hard work! Not to mention, I’ve been out of whack with my emotions for a while now. I want to get them back into control! I think I pretty much had a year long mental break down before I myself got annoyed with the shit and decided to put it behind me and embrace the beauty that I am.

I am currently obsessed with this typing it’s insane!



I just want to breathe and feel the cool spring air upon my skin, beneath the pale moon light and write my poetry all throughout the night. Hearing the subtle sound of the crickets. And digging deep within my soul.


How I miss it…


– Mercy



Hello Me.

As you’re writing this, you are a super broke goth chick with brains and a heart of gold. Regardless of what is being thrown at you, you always turn out fine. You’re a fighter and all the fights are worth the battle. You will win the war and get out of this jail of poverty and be enlightened with what you need to move forward in this beautiful world. You are a moon child. Lover of the night. You are a dark rose waiting to blossom through the feet of snow. Even though, it keeps coming down heavy, wet, and cold. You know you’ll make it. You are a lovely creepy darling. You will have a successful blog and channel, successful music career, successful business… why? Because you can! You have the strength of a thousand men and even though you are reading these words right now with tears pouring down your porcelain face… you know deep inside it will be alright.


– Me.

Happy New Year


Devils & Ghouls,

I hope you had a marvelous New Year and may 2014 bring you nothing but positive energy. I for one, was excited to say goodbye to 2013. I will admit however, this was one of the saddest New Years I’ve ever had. I think it’s because that the reality of the world is setting in around me. My grandfather has been gone for quite a while, my grandma sounding so fragile on the phone… I was definitely visited by ghosts of the pasts and wonderful times as a kid that I didn’t really get to cherish when I was little due to the lack of understanding. There I sat, listening to tunes that we used to blare during New Years Eve having flashbacks. The first time I’ve ever done this. I laughed and cried, sat back and remembered. Last night, I wasn’t just reflecting on my 2013 — But all the years I’ve had so far. Some were good and some were bad — But I wouldn’t change a thing.


Happy New Year! From Mercy, Will, Harold, and Baby Karloff (the new kitten)

2013 in Review


It’s that time of the year again… where we each take a look back at the years past and deeply think about our choices and where we are currently. I will admit, 2013 has to be the rockiest year I’ve ever had. From arguments, to self struggle, and not to mention a couple break downs a long the way I have finally sorted through it all and feel so much better. With that, let’s take a look at Mercy’s Review of 2013!

  • The beginning of the year started off with friendships ending. Mercy & Luna was a show I did with a good friend of mine at the time. The show fell apart when we both wanted to be heard and in the end it became well, less fun. Our friendship fell apart when I needed someone there the most — I didn’t realize what was going on with me. In the end, I’m glad the friendship died out. It made me realize that it’s a part of life to get rid of people and although the end was horrid, the long friendship that was there had an importance at one point. I am glad that I did have the friendship and I do wish Luna well with all her adventures.
  • My boyfriend moved in last year on Christmas Eve and have had an interesting year not just finding ourselves but finding out where we are relationship wise and together on this big floating rock. There were tears, yelling, hugging, and laughter and I wouldn’t change it for the world! Through this year of emotional turmoil, we’re still with each other and not an ounce of time is wasted on sadness anymore! 
  • 2013 was definitely the year where I started my journey of self discovery. I admitted my faults and acknowledged them, grew from mistakes, and embrace my life instead of killing myself off in a manner that I won’t act upon anything. I had a lot of new experiences, scare a con, meeting new friends, going out a lot more, and embracing my oddities that make me – ME! I am a lovely young woman with a brain full of intellect that I shouldn’t dumb myself down to fit in with people who have caused me grief. I am tolerant, and observant. I am an old soul in a young body. I yearn to learn different cultures and other worlds. Books are my gateway to my soul and I enjoy being me very much. 
  • I started to realize that you need to pick battles and put your foot down. It’s not worth the complete headaches to fight small battles that don’t mean anything in the future. Fighting for a secure future and your dreams is worth more than money could buy! 


For what I’ve seen of this year, it’s been meaningful. I needed it to knock me out of what world in my head I was living in and start noticing the world around me in a better manner. Creativity is apart of who I am and it will never be pushed aside again. 2014 is the year of perseverance for me. Goals will be obtained. Failure is not an option. And on top of that my band, Demonic Refusal, will make it’s debut!


How was 2013 for you?!


– Mercy