Dear Nosy


Dear Nosy Sir or Madame,

It has come to my attention that you have moved into my life. Even though, I have no idea who you are, you seem to know my life story from A to Z. Good sir or madame, which bills of mine will you take over? Since you want to be so wrapped up into my life – you surely must pay your share of the bills.


I thank you for informing me about me. I never knew many of those things about myself.


– Mercy Desdemona

Land of Imagination






Three things that I think are important to everyday life. Why do we live in a world where we are ashamed to be of a creative heart? Where the imagination of an innocent child is seen as a mental disorder? And that those that show emotion are weak?

We should be more imaginative, more creative, and emotional.

We should embrace it all.



Dear GOP


Dear GOP,

It’s been proven more than 100 times that you are a women hate group. Not all people that are republicans are like you (of course, not everyone is the same and those that are true and caring individuals, you have my sympathies for dealing with these people!). I just read an article on how “Abortion rates go down when contraceptives are free” – That’s just common sense. Yet, you guys argue that it’s not true. Yes. Abortion rates go down if contraceptives are made easily available. I don’t know what it is, you guys have the mentality of 8th grade boys when it comes to sex education.

Abstinence only education is more harmful than good. We need well educated young individuals to have well educated adults. Women need to have contraceptives available to them… and NOT all women get on them just for the sake of safe sex. There are also other reasons a woman would go on the pill.


– Mercy

Dear TSA


Dear TSA,

I think you have been mistaken. I think you got your job mixed up with prostitution. Is it really a must? To sexually harass your passengers? With all your fondling, groping, and tugging – America is very nuts! I’ve seen news stories about you. Checked my sources two times over, all the times you’ve asked someone to bend over!

You make people feel far below you, try to dictate how women should dress, you aren’t my boss Mr. TSA, and I don’t have live by your standards. America was once so lovely, now so fear stricken. But, Mr. TSA you don’t scare me. Because my flight is on a delay. You seem to enjoy having your fingers up someone’s bum! I wish you’d take that metal scanner stick and shove it up your ass!

There is security measures and then there’s down right “What the hell are you doing?! This isn’t security! I shouldn’t have to strip down in front of everyone to get on a damn flight to the Bahamas! You didn’t even take me out to dinner first! Hell! You didn’t even get me a drink!” security.

Dear TSA,

I hope one day your job will decay and we can go back to being human. Nature forbid, if someone shall burp it must mean they have an explosive under their tongue! I hope you take an aircraft up your bum!


– Mercy

Dear Racists


Dear Racists,

I don’t comprehend the way your brain works. You usually start out by saying “Heh, I’m not racist, but all [black/white/hispanic/ ]people are.” That’s just a foolish thing to say. Don’t judge a race by it’s extremists. I feel bad for extremists to be brought up in such a hateful environment! The world only goes by the color of people’s skin because we are taught to be superior over each other instead of realizing we are all flesh and blood. Character is what matters. There are racists in ALL races. A lot of people say it’s more prominent in the white category – but I say it’s in all!

Racism is taught to us to keep us divided and conquered. Instead of cherishing the fact we can all get a long if we weren’t brainwashed to be some hateful being. But a united nation is a frightening thing to those in the governmental system. We are human beings – we should act like it! We’ve come a long way from caves and trees. We claim to be “civilized” but we’re not. We’re monsters to our own self.

So Dear Racists,

Why do you exactly judge someone by their tone of flesh because of someone else’s hate crime?


– Mercy