Horror Reviews and Top 5’s


Hello creeps. I think I’m going to start doing my horror reviews and top 5 lists (Top 5’s are MY opinion) soon. I think I’m going to start with one of my favorite films and work on from there. If you guys have any suggestion on a horror or thriller you’d like me to review feel free to share. I think what I will do is write a review here for wordpress and then make a video for youtube on a different film. So I do two reviews a week. Sounds pretty decent to me. I enjoy having a lot of projects before me. Keeps me feeling alive. Even though I discuss a lot of dead things.

Thank you everyone for wasting your time with my existence.

I wish you gruesome nightmares.

– Mercy Desdemona.

Project Planned Randomness


Planned Randomness <— LIVE HERE TONIGHT

Hey creeps. I will be doing my first live show for my project Planned Randomness. A friend and I decided to make a channel dedicated to a lot of neat stuff. Tonight is the first live show – Live show every thursday 10PM E to 11PM E – and videos uploaded at random. This project came to us after some inside jokes. First show starts in a half hour! If you're bored come join!




The dreary day has such beauty.
As the autumn leaves are falling.
A lone wolf howling in the distance.
The crash of the dark ocean waves.
A gentle rain against the windows.
The moon – hauntingly – radiant.
The rumble of a subtle thunder.

Two lovers in a dark embrace.
Stare into each others souls.
Smiles of serenity upon their face.
Getting trapped in the warmth of the embrace.
Drifting to sleep.

Candles flicker. Shadows dance.
The beauty of this gothic romance.

— Mercy Desdemona © 2012 —

Good Advice From A Sleepy Brain


Creeps… I haven’t slept yet. So I’m going to share advice — Because that’s always the best time to give advice — when you’re sleep deprived.


#1 – It is NOT advisable to look in to peoples windows — It’s not neighborly. Stick with the casserole.

#2 – A pizza box doesn’t protect you from lighting strikes.

#3 – Your younger sibling doesn’t make a good dinner candle.

#4 – Never confuse an old folks home for a mummy museum.

Web of Lies


Hello my creeps. I have to say, I’m not one for people’s words or their games — but when someone starts to mess with the man you love, you get defensive. A supposed “friend” of his has been spreading rumors around that are so severe it could cause the wrong attention from law enforcement. I just want to know what cold hearted individual would spend their time trying to destroy a human because they don’t want to pursue them and are happy within their relationship. This has been going on for awhile now — and I like to take the mature way of handling things which is simply trying to talk it out. Of course, that’s impossible with someone immature enough to spread these rumors. Silly me for thinking that we can act as adults to finish the matter. I hope everything gets sorted out. It’s funny how one person’s web of lies can destroy people around them while they smile all the time. Sick. Cold-Hearted. Individuals.

Black Friday – Pathetic


Hello Creeps. Today is Black Friday and I have to say in my 21 years of life — I’ve never understood the full concept of Black Friday. I just got done watching a disturbing video of people at Wal-Mart fighting with each other in a mob over something as meaningless as a smartphone. Now, if it was over food during a disaster, I could understand why people would be fighting tooth and nail for something that is a necessity for ones life and health. I don’t understand the greed and the spoiled nature of people at all. Once you grab that phone off the shelf — It’s obsolete. Was it worth the broken nose and the idiocy? I think not.