Nice Deeds


Today we’re going to talk a little about nice deeds. Doing a nice deed because out of kindness is always a good thing. The negative is when people do nice deeds and then expect payment back for the nice deed. They hold it over your head like a storm cloud. This is when people only do good deeds because it’s what they are told is right, NOT because they feel it within themselves to do this deed automatically.

Examples of good deeds are:

A. Helping one on the side of the road with a flat tire and not expecting a payment for the job.

B. Giving someone a ride to work or an appointment and not keeping tabs on how many times you’ve done this.

C. Baking a snack at your own free will for someone’s special occassion or just becuase you feel like the person deserved a home cooked desert and NOT expecting anything in return.

I remember this one time my dad came home from a trip downstate. He told us about helping a man in a vehicle who was broke down on the side of the road. My dad pulled over and helped the man out. He had tools and such available on his truck and didn’t want to leave the man stranded on the highway. He didn’t want any payment in return. He knows how it feels to be trapped on the side of the road and how many times he wished someone would aid him at those times.

About a week or so later a letter came in the mail. It was a letter from the man he had helped thanking him for all the help and how grateful he was that he got to his location on time. He went on to say how he was shocked someone even stopped to help as it’s a rare occurance nowadays and much more.

You see – when you do nice deeds out of the fact that you’re a nice person, you make people realize that the world isn’t all bad. That there are other individuals out there that still have a shred of humanity. You give people a smile and a soul full of warmth. Because they know you are doing this out of the fact you’ve been in their shoes or if you haven’t you try to understand.

When you do nice deeds just because a book (holy bible etc) or you’re taught it is the right way to live because it’ll push you farther up society’s coat tales – it’s wrong. Because it’s not from the heart. It’s a show. An act. And you expect a return for the nice deed, making the person feel bad for taking help from you or bullying the person into thinking they would be nothing without you.

I guess what I’m saying here – there’s a difference between a genuine person and a fraud. Don’t let them beat you down because they want to be perfect. They will never account for their mistakes or actions. Always use a scapegoat. They’ll never learn from the mistakes. Just keep masking them.

You’re better than that.

– Blood, guts, and a little bit of jumbled wisdom,

Mercy Desdemona


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