New Video! Record Collection!


Hello Creeps!

We have successfully made a new YT video discussing our record collection. Needless to say, it’s a beginners collection but it’s a decent one. We look forward to obtaining more.

– Mercy

P.s. I’m on pain meds for my toothache…. as you can tell XD It’s quite prominant.

7 Relaxing Songs


Creeps – I am going to share with you seven (cuz I like odd things :P) songs that I find relaxing. They are songs I listen to when I’m going for a walk with nature or on an exploration or just sitting there after a hard day. These songs touch my soul. Enjoy my creeps. Thank you so much for the follows and the likes. 🙂 I enjoy your blogs as well! I give you all a creep or two when I see a notification.