Autumn Photos – Day at the Park


Hello Devils & Ghouls,

Today my love and I decided to spend a day at the park. I took my camera, Alfred, along for the journey and we took some photographs.








Where the Old Railroad used to be :)

Where the Old Railroad used to be 🙂




Goth on the beach. *grumble*

Goth on the beach. *grumble*


My love.... being himself <3

My love…. being himself ❤



Beauty Bag??


I am so… out of my element when discussing beauty products. But my Ghouls have asked for some insight on all the products I use. I don’t use a whole lot and after a day of running around, I made this video and now I’m going to take a nap in my chambers. I hope you enjoy.

Your exhausted Host,
Mercy Desdemona

Paranormal Experiences


Hello my devils & ghouls.


There is always that debate whether ghosts are real or if there is a scientific explanation for everything. I for one, thing that a paranormal experience needs to be just that – experienced – before you can decipher. I have been dealing with paranormal experiences since I was a little kid. Today, I’m going to discuss a spirit in my house and the two rooms I call “Forbidden Rooms” because I don’t go in them due to how uncomfortable I feel. Not in the evil and afraid sense, but the sense that someone or something is constantly watching you.

In my house, my grandmother has two rooms for when she comes to visit. They include a bedroom and a small living room. She likes to call it “Grandmother’s Space.” Currently, my grandmother has returned to her home out of state and her rooms are empty. In her bedroom, she has a lot of religious artifacts up on her wall. Which, I don’t like at all. They feel like they are judging you even if you are doing something great for the family. In this room, she does not have any form of technology that could cause this – just an old fashioned alarm clock that doesn’t have the red digital numbers – and her clothing. At night, you can see a red orb existing in front of her calendar. It does not move.  The room gets cold at all times.

Her living room however, the temperature fluctuates — from a eerie cold to an eerie hot to normal and then back to the cold and hot. 3 people that have stayed in that room have reported a shadow walking passed the television. All three times, no one has been near the room nor was the television on. I decided to take a look at it myself. I have witnessed the temperature changes and the shadow figure walking by. It does not become bothersome. Just as if it’s doing an every day routine. The only eerie thing about the room is how you feel like you’re being watched. You feel and know that you aren’t alone.

My family has a lot of skeptics in it. Which is confusing since they’ll believe a man survived in a whale and Jesus came back to life but they won’t believe in the spirit realm. When I am home alone, you can hear footsteps of heavy boots and the steps of what seems to be a female in dress shoes. In my laundry room, I have seen a man walking through the hallway – seem to be wearing a very high class fashion, cape;cane;top hat;suit-  as if he’s going to a theater.


Sometimes… I wonder if these ghosts are here trying to show me how to succeed in my current path.



– Mercy desdemona

Dear Wealthy


Dear Wealthy People, 


                      I feel sorry for you. Thinking that myself and the fellow working class want all your money. We don’t. We don’t want your money nor your sixteen different homes and vacations spots. We don’t want your private jets, and limos. We don’t want your boringly stuffy parties. We just want to live comfortably without debt. We want to be able to keep our homes, and pay our bills. Hell, I don’t have a problem paying bills, if I had the chance to live comfortable and not worry bout how far I can push $45 for the week or month. Your paranoia and greed make you think you have the right to control. You don’t. You’re human beings such as we are. We are just of different classes. You will perish just like we will. And I’m not writing this out of angst. I’m writing this because it’s the damn truth. Enjoy your luxuries – but your luxuries come with people who are fake. While you have to look over your shoulder and be wary about who you talk about, I have true friends there for me. No matter what. I love every aspect of my life. The only thing I ask, is to live comfortably.


– Mercy

Dear Adulthood


Dear Adulthood,


Even as a young child I knew you were going to suck. You’ve taken out every drop of life and motivation I’ve had in me to make me a mundane individual. This has to stop. Even though, I am now a young adult, that does not mean I can just disregard my dreams. My willingness to work hard and my strong heart shall devour you and then spit you out just to devour you again – with a hint of garlic salt added for flavor. I refuse to become the typical mode of an adult. I will be me until death. I’ve never given into peer pressure and I won’t start now! So, adulthood… how do you like dem apples? Can’t you see that I won’t take your shit? Every obstacle you’ve thrown at me way I am overcoming. It may be 10x harder for me than it would be anyone else, but I can’t complain. My appreciation for the world around me and my creativity are my best friends! And even though you try to make me into a “normal” human being, you’ll fail. I will still play with side walk chalk at the age of 22. I will still dance around to the nutcracker suite in my PJs like the 4 year old me. And I will still be a kick ass creative being that you can’t kill! I will accomplish my Artemia series, I will accomplish my music business, I will accomplish it all. Just by being ME! Because being ME is the biggest strength I’ve got.


Suck it adulthood!


– Mercy

Will & Mercy Visit Scare-A-Con (Video)


Hello my Devils & Ghouls!

Here is the latest video that my love and I have completed. We uploaded it to my channel as we were having issues uploading it to the Unsuccessful Entertainment Channel! Please stay tuned on both channels for more!

Please Like and share the video! And be sure to subscribe to both of us! We are currently listing the SIGNED Destroyer KISS Album (Signed by Ace Frehley himself!) on our E-Bay Store! It belongs in the hands of a KISS lover!

Also be sure to stay tuned for upcoming contests and more!

– Mercy & Will –

Return from Scare-A-Con!


Hello Devils & Ghouls!

I have returned from Scare-A-Con today and I will admit I teared up a little when it was over. It was a very nice con and I made a lot of professional contacts! There were a few things missing though: The music choice was awkward… it could have been more eerie or Halloween like. And they needed to advertise better for the short films.

We did however…have an interesting run in with the owner of the bat mobile. I’m pretty sure his reputation is ruined for future conventions. He chased a friend of ours around the casino parking lot and building demanding he pay for a picture and stole his camera. He even when as far as having casino security and cops arrive. Now see, it was $10 to take a pic of the bat mobile if you crossed the line. A friend of ours came in late and the sign was taken down because they were closing up, so he snapped a picture and walked out. Instead of the man being polite about it saying “Excuse me sir, but there is a $10 charge for pics across the line…” He went bazurk and acting in an unprofessional manner. Vampire Santa lent my friend the $10 to pay the man off… but it was a very interesting birthday.

This week, there will be a lot of videos posted about the event and what we received at the event. Below are a FEW of the pictures I got at con. Enjoy!

– Mercy





104_3573 104_3574



Monster Mash


I’m getting my car ready to head down to Scare-A-Con! I’m very excited and can’t wait to attend the V.I.P. Party tonight! *hopes to get lots of autographs & video*

I’m also hoping my trip will be safe and I’ll arrive at the hotel on time so I can get settled get ready and head on to the first day of Con!

Monster Mash on Friday the 13th.

Stay Spooky my friends!

– Mercy Desdemona

Headed to Scare-A-Con!


Hello my devils & ghouls!

My lover and I have uploaded this new video giving everyone updates. I have neglected to post Artemia because I have been so busy this past week getting ready for my weekend! It is my birthday weekend! And what better way to celebrate than in the dark dungeons of horror?

– Mercy

September is Silent Film Month!


Devils & Ghouls,

I thank you before hand for your time. I have decided to go through with my plans I have mentioned earlier in a previous blog of going through specialty months. September is when my birthday is and it’s when the first signs of autumn become aware to the human eye. My biggest inspiration for all my creativity is the Silent Era. Now in silent film month, I won’t just review horror films but I will review the actors/actresses/directors…. jumbling it up a bit.

My passion for music comes from a mixture of 4 things: Type O Negative, Ronnie James Dio, Vintage Looney Tunes, and Silent Films! I will start up on Friday with this month of Silent Era!


Horrific Wishes.

Mercy Desdemomna