Hey guys. I’ve been reading some messages in my inbox, and someone has asked me how to deal with failure.

We now live in a society where we are brought up with an “everyone wins” mentality. I’m sorry darling, that isn’t correct. We don’t all win. Infact, currently in my own life it feels like I’ve been given the short end of the life stick. However, my pets… remember that failure and rejection is infact a part of REAL life. We will have failures that beat us down into the dirt. Knock out teeth out and want us to forget where we are going. Thing is… failure can bloom beauty! Failure is how we learn and adapt. You keep going like the beast you are because your soul is meant to be something!! Cherish every failure like a success, and remember the failures when you celebrate the success so you never make that mistake again.

Mercy Desdemona

Creepy Adventure Pt 2


So, we went back to the church a few hours after our first encounter. ( Curiousity killed the cat? ) This time we didnt go up to the doors. There are three small treea infront of the church where we saw a random flash. We didn’t have the headlights on so it wasnt our reflection. On the steeple, there was a a small light blue glow, and as we were pulling out there was a flash by the back of the church. We thought for sure it was someone with a flashlight, but if it were it wouldn’t have just been a quick flash at all. Our friend got out of the car to take a picture of the church. His flash was on, and there was enough light to capture the church, but here all you see is a small blue spot …. thats where the church is supposed to be!! We werent far from the church either.


This church is creepy as hell. We are definitely going back. Curiousity has peaked.

Creepy Adventure


Hey Creeps! Tonight is my boyfriend’s pre-birthday bash. So, a friend from out of town came up to celebrate. We went out to dinner and then we decided to go to this really eerie church in the woods that has been rumored to have a severe cult following. Judging by statements given by people that used to attend, they began to feel uncomfortable with the sermons, te way people began to be a bit odd. So, sure why not go to this church in the middle of the night right??

We had trouble even finding the place because its on a back road in the woods, there is a small sign and a status of Jesus Christ in the front. There was a small house behind the church with no lights on, no vehicles around. We noticed a dim light on in the back of the church, the whole place gave me an eerie vibe. We went up to the front door, a security light came on and it wouldnt turn off even when we left. The doors were locked, so we went back into the car. We got onto the main drag of road, and a car followed us from the chur h road. Like, super tailgating us. At first, we thought that they wanted to make sure we werent vandals. Which makes logical sense, why else would 20 somethings go to a church at night??? We decided not to drive directly to my house, so we went to the gas station. We all went in. After about 5 or 10 minutes,  we went out to get in the car to go home, and there were pamphlets for the church under the windsheild wipers!! It was frickin’ weird as hell!

What songs would you like to hear Metal?


My love and I are going around asking people to recommend a song of any genre that they would like us to morph into a metal cover.

We thought this would be a neat little project to work on. So, in the comments below recommend us a song and dont forget to head over to my facebook page and give me a like at: