Creepy Adventure

Hey Creeps! Tonight is my boyfriend’s pre-birthday bash. So, a friend from out of town came up to celebrate. We went out to dinner and then we decided to go to this really eerie church in the woods that has been rumored to have a severe cult following. Judging by statements given by people that used to attend, they began to feel uncomfortable with the sermons, te way people began to be a bit odd. So, sure why not go to this church in the middle of the night right??

We had trouble even finding the place because its on a back road in the woods, there is a small sign and a status of Jesus Christ in the front. There was a small house behind the church with no lights on, no vehicles around. We noticed a dim light on in the back of the church, the whole place gave me an eerie vibe. We went up to the front door, a security light came on and it wouldnt turn off even when we left. The doors were locked, so we went back into the car. We got onto the main drag of road, and a car followed us from the chur h road. Like, super tailgating us. At first, we thought that they wanted to make sure we werent vandals. Which makes logical sense, why else would 20 somethings go to a church at night??? We decided not to drive directly to my house, so we went to the gas station. We all went in. After about 5 or 10 minutes,  we went out to get in the car to go home, and there were pamphlets for the church under the windsheild wipers!! It was frickin’ weird as hell!

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