Lastest Works


Hello Spooky Family. Today I thought I would post the most recent works that I have been doing both modeling and YouTube. I will also have links at the bottom of the page where you can support me further!! Thank you to all members of the Spooky Family – Spooky Kitz


Model: Spooky Kitz Edit: Al Scott



Model: Spooky Kitz Edit: Al Scott






What songs would you like to hear Metal?


My love and I are going around asking people to recommend a song of any genre that they would like us to morph into a metal cover.

We thought this would be a neat little project to work on. So, in the comments below recommend us a song and dont forget to head over to my facebook page and give me a like at:

Mercy Q & A


Hello Devils and Ghouls. It’s that time again for some Mercy Q & A. I haven’t done one in a long time and have a lot of questions from various social media sites. So here we go.


  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?  Hopefully, having built up a successful YouTube Channel that my followers enjoy, life a steady pace more so than it is now, my family being a lot closer than it is now, having albums out and being able to tour even if it’s a small circuit, and have success with my music festivals… oh and tattooed as hell!
  • Do you see you and your boyfriend being together for a long term? Without a doubt. Not a lot of people stay together after what we’ve been through so far.
  • What made you start doing youtube? I was first on Youtube as Morticia Masquerade… I think I wanted to get over my shyness.
  • Do you ever want to make short films? Yes. But I need to get over a lot of hurdles…
  • Do you have any regrets?  I used to be a person that didn’t have regrets… but current hurdles have made me re-evaluate a lot of things.
  • Will you ever regret your tattoos? No. I’m lovely.
  • How do you stay strong through all that you’re going through? Simple. I have no choice. I can’t just sit here and fall apart. I don’t give up. And I want to make my life better for myself. I want my summer days to be able to cruise around in my car and have a great life.
  • How do you deal with hate?  I just don’t care. I have lovers and haters. And I the thing is, I’m a confident young lady that embraces my faults. I know I’m not everyone’s cup o’ tea. Just like everyone else isn’t my cup o’ tea. I don’t have to have everyone love me just like I don’t have to love everyone. Life is lovely. Enjoy it!





See you guys later.


Blood & Guts


Mercy Desdemona