Lastest Works


Hello Spooky Family. Today I thought I would post the most recent works that I have been doing both modeling and YouTube. I will also have links at the bottom of the page where you can support me further!! Thank you to all members of the Spooky Family – Spooky Kitz


Model: Spooky Kitz Edit: Al Scott



Model: Spooky Kitz Edit: Al Scott






Interview with CherryDollFace


Hello ladies and gents! For my second interview ever, I was able to do an email interview with Cherrydollface. It was a pleasure and I thank her for taking time out of her busy schedule to answer questions she may or may not have heard 1000x! Xoxo – Mercy


Photo Credit: Jenna of Rose Photography

M: What inspired you to create videos on YouTube?

C: When I was just pinup modeling, I styled myself for all of my shoots and girls would always ask how I was doing certain styles. So I made a YouTube channel as a supplement to that!

M: Were you surprised by the response your videos received?

C: Absolutely! I thought  “oh maybe I will get a few hundred girls to follow this” and now I just top 275,000 and 17 million views.


Photo Credit: Missmissyphoto

M: Is the process to create your videos lengthy?

C: Totally depends on the video! Style videos always take longer because there is a lot of outfit changing. Tutorials are probably the quickest to film because it is just one angle and a straight through image.

M: Have you always been interested in modeling?

C: Not really… It kind of just happened and it was fun so I kept doing it.


Photo credit: Nicole Caldwell

M: If not, what did you aspire to be?

C: I went to school to be a drug and alcohol counselor originally. After doing that for two years, I realized it was too emotionally draining, so I went back to school for business. I was never totally sure what I wanted to do, but I knew I didn’t want to be stuck in an office cubicle.

M: What attracted you to the retro look than any other?

C: I love the classic style. I love how beautiful and feminine it makes me feel. I love that it takes actual effort.


Photo Credit: Blake Gardner

M: Is there another style you’d like to try?

C: I am kind of a chameleon. I always try to mix my vintage inspired ideas with other interesting looks. I pay attention to current fashion and I also like aspects of goth, punk – I just like to be creative and interesting.

M: What are some of your favorite retro ladies/gents and why?

C: Hmm, not to sure how to answer this one! I don’t really follow many “public figure” type people so I don’t know what is really happening in the “scene”. Most of who I follow are either friends or companies. I wouldn’t say I have a favorite. I embrace variety!


Photo Credit: Andy Hartmark

M: What is the most rewarding thing about what you do?

C: Meeting girls and having them tell me stories of how I have inspired them in any way – big or small. It is so amazing to be able to travel all over the world and actually meet these girls that are otherwise just screennames. I love hugging all the hot babes that follow me!


Photo Credit: Ray Guitierrez

M: Are there any negatives?

C: It is exhausting! But in a good way- it is totally worth it. But, I put a lot of myself out there and sometimes overextend. A lot of girls that do what I do don’t interact with their followers. I try to answer as many messages and comments as I possibly can and sometimes it takes me away from things I need to focus on in my personal life. But, I just want to be there for the ladies that need me!


Photo Credit: Ray Guitierrez

M: What inspired you to create the deed of the week?

C: My main goal is to be a positive light in a sea of (going to be really honest here) super mean girls. I spent so many years watching girls tear each other down – and watching the girls at the top of the “scene” be rude and catty publicly. I realized that the younger girls were becoming this way because that was the only examples of how to behave they were being exposed too. So, I figured I would do my small little part to try not to be an asshole and set a positive example. It ISN’T cool to be mean.


Photo Credit: Nightmare Photography

M: Have you always been self confident?

C: Not always. I was the typical insecure teenager. Even in my early 20s I was still trying to figure out who I was and I even had a small period of being that mean girl myself. I think it is natural to lash out when you have no confidence. It takes the light off of you and throws it on whoever you are picking on. But then I realized that wasnt who I wanted to be, so I changed.

M: What do you think every lady and gent could do to become more self confident and pass on positivity?

C: I think self confidence starts with how we treat other people. It feela genuinely good to be nice to others. Which is a lot of what I hope to do with my deed of the week. I feel like it is easy to tumble down the rabbit hole of others ( even if it’s online ) and once you fall too far down that rabbit hole, you just don’t feel good about yourself. You just can’t. The more young people that see their role models being nice and positive, the more that positivity spreads!


Photo Credit: Jennifer Erickson

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What songs would you like to hear Metal?


My love and I are going around asking people to recommend a song of any genre that they would like us to morph into a metal cover.

We thought this would be a neat little project to work on. So, in the comments below recommend us a song and dont forget to head over to my facebook page and give me a like at:



Devils and Ghouls,

I miss you greatly. I miss being a creative miss to offer crappy entertainment for your souls. Mercy’s Macabre is still in the works. I am currently working on a logo idea for the show and figuring out a  few more things that need to be in place before I even bother to film it. My boyfriend and I are also going to be bringing back the Unsuccessful Entertainment Channel with newer reviews and such. We are also working on an animated series with one of our friends. There’s a lot in the works but it is definitely worth the wait.

On another note, I’ve been going through a lot in my life off the web that had me spinning out of control! I’m hoping tomorrow gives me the beautiful answer that I need to push forth with all my hard working efforts! Four years — Four hard working years are being put into this… and it’s bout time I reap some rewards from my hard work! Not to mention, I’ve been out of whack with my emotions for a while now. I want to get them back into control! I think I pretty much had a year long mental break down before I myself got annoyed with the shit and decided to put it behind me and embrace the beauty that I am.

I am currently obsessed with this typing it’s insane!



I just want to breathe and feel the cool spring air upon my skin, beneath the pale moon light and write my poetry all throughout the night. Hearing the subtle sound of the crickets. And digging deep within my soul.


How I miss it…


– Mercy

Back to YouTube!


Hello Devils and Ghouls!

I have decided to go ahead and upload regularly on my YouTube channels – Both Unsuccessful Entertainment & Mercy Desdemona. I want to have more interaction with my followers and get back into being the creative little lady I am. Unsuccessful Entertainment is where my boyfriend and I will continue with what we were doing. My Mercy Desdemona Channel will be my blogs and more. I think it will help me with my journey and hopefully help others in my shoes. I know that I have what it take to branch out of my shell and it’s time to do so. I have had the year from hell. And I have realized through my trials that being myself is all that matters and that I AM good enough. I’m not trying to please others any longer. I have successfully received funding for my family’s restaurant, and I will be opening in the fall. I am also traveling down to a horror convention in September for my birthday weekend. We will have: Videos, Pictures, Interviews. And I will be hosting a contest coming back from horror con for my devils and ghouls that enjoy horror as much as  I do.

I am very fortunate to have my boyfriend with me through all these hard times. Although, we’ve had our fair share of blowouts, we’re still here. Still together and still very strong – if not stronger than before. I am staying true to myself now. I am doing what I have to do to be the leader I am deep inside. For far too long, I have held back out of fear. Depression took out my fire and here I am stomping on it all. I’ve never felt so empowered or spiritually connected to myself and life itself.

I do hope some of my readers on here subscribe to the two channels and support myself and my boyfriend on our journey. I am excited to share my musical talents and just who I am with the world.

I have to edit a video that was shot yesterday. It’s a silly little Diddy, and I didn’t realize my boyfriend was filming me at all while i was visiting the neighbors.

I’m also thinking of coming up with a few designs for some merchandise for my followers both on here and other places on the web.

I appreciate your interweb stalking and Welcome to my world.




Mercy Desdemona



Dear my little Devils and Ghouls


Dear Devils and Ghouls,

I simply adore all the feedback and follows you have given me and helping me become more of the person I truly am. I think it’s only fair that I share a few things with you as you guys are my loyal subjects.


First thing is – What was your first Youtube Video?   <– On my old channel: Morticiamasquerade I bring up my first youtube video ever made back when I was a Sophomore in high school (or around there.) My friend Samantha and I went on a road trip far far away from our homelands.


Where did you go from there?  <– It went on to develop into a “Late night” live show I had with my best friend at the time, Luna Elysium. But after awhile, we started to notice that our friendship wasn’t as we thought it once was and that it was time to part ways in order for us to grow as individuals.


As you guys know, I’m now doing videos with my boyfriend on Unsuccessful Entertainment and my own channel.

I really enjoy making videos and I’m thinking of having a late night live with you guys again. It was a blast having a late night show every Friday night. I want to revive that with my boyfriend. Possibly doing a live music and film show? Hmmm… Would you Devils and Ghouls like that? If you would either like this post, send a comment, or give us a like on our facebook page.


– Mercy