Hey guys. I’ve been reading some messages in my inbox, and someone has asked me how to deal with failure.

We now live in a society where we are brought up with an “everyone wins” mentality. I’m sorry darling, that isn’t correct. We don’t all win. Infact, currently in my own life it feels like I’ve been given the short end of the life stick. However, my pets… remember that failure and rejection is infact a part of REAL life. We will have failures that beat us down into the dirt. Knock out teeth out and want us to forget where we are going. Thing is… failure can bloom beauty! Failure is how we learn and adapt. You keep going like the beast you are because your soul is meant to be something!! Cherish every failure like a success, and remember the failures when you celebrate the success so you never make that mistake again.

Mercy Desdemona

Good Advice From A Sleepy Brain


Creeps… I haven’t slept yet. So I’m going to share advice — Because that’s always the best time to give advice — when you’re sleep deprived.


#1 – It is NOT advisable to look in to peoples windows — It’s not neighborly. Stick with the casserole.

#2 – A pizza box doesn’t protect you from lighting strikes.

#3 – Your younger sibling doesn’t make a good dinner candle.

#4 – Never confuse an old folks home for a mummy museum.