Creepy Adventure Pt 2


So, we went back to the church a few hours after our first encounter. ( Curiousity killed the cat? ) This time we didnt go up to the doors. There are three small treea infront of the church where we saw a random flash. We didn’t have the headlights on so it wasnt our reflection. On the steeple, there was a a small light blue glow, and as we were pulling out there was a flash by the back of the church. We thought for sure it was someone with a flashlight, but if it were it wouldn’t have just been a quick flash at all. Our friend got out of the car to take a picture of the church. His flash was on, and there was enough light to capture the church, but here all you see is a small blue spot …. thats where the church is supposed to be!! We werent far from the church either.


This church is creepy as hell. We are definitely going back. Curiousity has peaked.

Paranormal Experiences


Hello my devils & ghouls.


There is always that debate whether ghosts are real or if there is a scientific explanation for everything. I for one, thing that a paranormal experience needs to be just that – experienced – before you can decipher. I have been dealing with paranormal experiences since I was a little kid. Today, I’m going to discuss a spirit in my house and the two rooms I call “Forbidden Rooms” because I don’t go in them due to how uncomfortable I feel. Not in the evil and afraid sense, but the sense that someone or something is constantly watching you.

In my house, my grandmother has two rooms for when she comes to visit. They include a bedroom and a small living room. She likes to call it “Grandmother’s Space.” Currently, my grandmother has returned to her home out of state and her rooms are empty. In her bedroom, she has a lot of religious artifacts up on her wall. Which, I don’t like at all. They feel like they are judging you even if you are doing something great for the family. In this room, she does not have any form of technology that could cause this – just an old fashioned alarm clock that doesn’t have the red digital numbers – and her clothing. At night, you can see a red orb existing in front of her calendar. It does not move.  The room gets cold at all times.

Her living room however, the temperature fluctuates — from a eerie cold to an eerie hot to normal and then back to the cold and hot. 3 people that have stayed in that room have reported a shadow walking passed the television. All three times, no one has been near the room nor was the television on. I decided to take a look at it myself. I have witnessed the temperature changes and the shadow figure walking by. It does not become bothersome. Just as if it’s doing an every day routine. The only eerie thing about the room is how you feel like you’re being watched. You feel and know that you aren’t alone.

My family has a lot of skeptics in it. Which is confusing since they’ll believe a man survived in a whale and Jesus came back to life but they won’t believe in the spirit realm. When I am home alone, you can hear footsteps of heavy boots and the steps of what seems to be a female in dress shoes. In my laundry room, I have seen a man walking through the hallway – seem to be wearing a very high class fashion, cape;cane;top hat;suit-  as if he’s going to a theater.


Sometimes… I wonder if these ghosts are here trying to show me how to succeed in my current path.



– Mercy desdemona

Dream – Positive Ouija Board & The Stranger – What does it mean?


Hey Creeps. 

Last night, despite my over stressing, I slept very well. Honestly, it may not seem like a big deal to you, but it is to someone that barely sleeps ever. I slept so good and woke up with high spirits! 

My dream: 

In my dream, I started off sitting on my lawn and a stranger came up to me. She was a woman of about 45 and dressed in women’s clothing from 1700s. She smiled at me and took my hand. 

Part One: I was dreaming about the business. I was at a meeting with people I didn’t know. it was some committee and I had to prove that I was worth the risk to loan me business credit. After the meeting, I had a smile on my face and a ouija board popped up in my dream. It kept saying positive messages such as yes, forward, accomplish, and the company of which I’m seeking a loan from. Anyone know what this part means?

Part two: My boyfriend and I were on the road together. In a band with some of his pals he recently re-connected with. We were having a good time. This girl tried to come between us but failed and he kept announcing how we’re together forever. She kept trying because she used to be associated with him in the past but she never succeeded and it all of a sudden started to flash before my eyes. All good memories and events that happen to us in our journey together. Two orbs came out of our bodies and intertwined. What does that mean?

Part 3: The positive ouija board came out again. With words of encouragement. Esther is the woman’s name. She says she’s my spirit guide and but couldn’t speak so she spelled out. She wanted me to feel better and know I’m on the right track. 



– I researched the name Esther circa 1700s… she used to live on my property. One of the first people to be in my town. She claimed in my dream to have been watching me a long time and she will guide the way. 


– What does this dream all mean?!

I have had positive energy and a smile on my face ever since the dream. I couldn’t stop smiling even when I try. What is going on?!



Machine Regime


Don’ fear the living dead.

It’s just rotting flesh.

Not a bringer of doom.

Be afraid of the living.

And what they consume.

You gave it life.

You fed it power.

Now it is us,

it shall devour!

Don’t fear a spiritual encounter.

It’s just a human soul.

Fear the man-made machine.

And the technology regime.

You gave it life.

You fed it power.

Now it is us,

it shall devour!

It has superior weaponry.

Making man a mockery.

We are the living zombie.

Sold our soul to technology.

You gave it life.

You fed it power.

Now it is us,

it shall devour!

It sits and waits for the perfect time.

To take a hold, of the world we have bestowed.

Don’t fear the poor.

Fear the elite.

A force still left un-beat.

You gave it life.

You fed it power.

Now it is us,

it shall devour!

– © Mercy Desdemona 2013

I’m Writing a Horror Film


Hello my creeps.

Yes, I am writing a lot in my blog tonight because I have the funny feeling that I shall be busy writing my horror film today and will be neglecting my blog for a little while. I have been inspired to write my own horror film. It started off as a short story is now turning into a film within my brain and I’m inspired to write music and lyrics for it as well. My creativity is sky rocketing lately and I’m going to take advantage of it.

I will lock myself in my room with my notebooks, candles, and snackage to work upon this master piece festering within my brain. I enjoy creative binges. I must say though the best inspiration always comes when in the shower. Why is that? I hate it sometimes. Because when I get out and I’m back to reality — I forget what I have thought up. Soooooo — Lock away in my room with Mozart and candles to go on a creative splurge.

– Blood & Guts

– Mercy Desdemona