Blog Changes & Travel Notices


Hello my little vamps!

Just to touch base with all of my follows that there will be some blog changes. To kick off the changes I have decided to do a review every Wednesday night in February of a film. I’d really like to get back into doing album reviews too. Whether it be new or old. I am also going to put my travel journal here as I have been given opportunities! I am invited down to a convention in Pittsburgh, PA and have a photo shoot opportunity. I’m also working on doing a project for YouTube where I will v-log my travels around the world. Why?  Because I’m used to being a complete shut in and not having a life. I am also making big changes to YouTube. All videos that I have made with unsuccessful entertainment I am making PRIVATE. I am no longer associated with that. I am also making the videos from my other account with Morticia and Luna private.

I have grown a lot in the butt end of 2015. And I would like to continue my journey straight forward. I made some awesome memories in 2015 but unfortunately 2015 was full of the more shitty memories. 2016 is my year to do what I want to do in life. No matter how bizarre people tell me my dreams are.

Much love Vamps.


Yours Truly,



RIP LEMMY & Angus Scrimm


Lemmy was the bomb. A reason I became a bassist and also one of my idols for living like he wanted and not giving a fuck. I watched the livestream of his funeral service yesterday. I laughed, I cried, I felt good. I’m going to miss Lemmy and Motorhead. I’m glad I had the pleasure of seeing them in 2012 on Gigantour. RIP Dude. Thanks for the inspiration.


RIP Angus – The Tall Man. You were a creepy man in the Phantasm films. I wish I had the chance to meet you. Thanks for sending chills down my spine as a kid. You rock.