Hello WordPress


I have been without wifi for some time now. So I have to bum it like a hobo. I will however, be able to have my wifi back up in the month of July!! This blog will have a lot of “Spring Cleaning” and re-arranging as I have started to take my blogging in an Entertainment direction.   Desdemona Entertainment will have: Monthly Interviews, Reviews, Top Lists,  “Free-Write Friday” , and more. 

I am not knowledgable in the gaming or anime scene. So I am  looking for people who are knowledgable in those two subjects that would like to be a creator for Desdemona Entertainment. Pop me an E-mail at: vintagehorrormistress@gmail.com

I look forward to making this blog a success and having a FULL fledged come back in July.

With Love and gore,

Mercy Desdemona