Living in Sin

Hello Creeps. I’m going to take a moment out to discuss why I think people saying “Living in Sin” are full of crap.

My boyfriend and I live together. We aren’t married and we aren’t engaged. We are boyfriend and girlfriend – a serious relationship. Sure, we’re in our early twenties and people see us as too young to know what serious is. But, that isn’t the case. We talk to each other when there is something wrong – like adults would. We don’t just blow up at each other and act like kids. Secondly, we help each other and my family. We contribute to the household and work on obtaining our dream career.

We get crap from religious relatives telling us that we are living in sin. We get watched by them when they are visiting too. Because they think we’re going around trying to get pregnant and be a sinner in our life. We both aren’t religious people. It’s not a sin to live with the person you love. In fact, living together is helping our relationship more than hurting it.

It’s helping us know each other from the inside out. We’re like best friends and boyfriend and girlfriend. There’s nothing wrong with that. The term living in sin is retarded. I personally, don’t think anyone should get married before they are 40. I say this because that is when you are old enough to make that decision. So many people just get married because of a child on the way, to make others happy, or because they are told it’s the “right thing to do”. That’s NOT what marriage should be about. It’s about the affection between two individuals that choose to get married because THEY want too. Not because they are tired of the backlash of “living in sin” people. Because they truly want to combine.

I honestly think marriage isn’t a necessity. If anything, it makes people into actors and actresses. Because they think okay, we’re married life is changing. It’s not different than being faithful to your boyfriend or girlfriend. But because of people’s ideals pushed in our brains we end up becoming the stereotypes (i.e. woman bitches about socks on the floor; man lays on couch and chugs beer.) When in reality, it doesn’t need to be like that. Stop becoming the stereotype. Just because you get married doesn’t mean you have to change who you are. And living in sin doesn’t mean you are going to hell. It means you are being a smart individual. Learning your lover. Working hard at the relationship. It means that you are taking a mature step in your life. You’ve thought out the pros and cons. And are willing to accept the ups and downs. It’s no different than marriage except the fact that you don’t have family members trying to dictate your life becuase they just see your relationship as disposable.

“Living in Sin” doesn’t make you an irresponsible child. Getting married for other people’s reasons and playing house makes you an irresponsible child.

– Mercy Desdemona


4 thoughts on “Living in Sin

  1. I love your blog :)!

    It’s really funny because 5 minutes ago I was talking with my boyfriend about religion and then I found this!
    I completely agree with you! There is no such thing as living in sin, in fact its a responsible decision to get to know the person you love before just getting married and suddenly living together (like many religious people do). You get to know that person on a deeper level. You become closer and it’s just nice to always know that person is there!

    My boyfriend and I are both in our early 20s and we love living together! Of course it’s not always easy, but I love it! We support each other emotionally and we are so much happier than when we lived apart.
    We have a better relationship than many married couples that I’ve known because we are mature and understand more than our adult relations think we do! We don’t let “conventional” relationships dictate out own and I think we’ll be the same when it comes to marriage.

    You’re right, a lot of married people complain about thier husbands doing silly things, but I bet most of those people did that before (to which I think why are you marrying them?). I hate this as you shouldnt needlessly complain about your partner, they’re supposed to be your soulmate why would you make them out as the bad guy all the time?

    But you have strong convictions and a strong personality. Something tells me that you won’t let other’s marriages dictate your own either! So keep it up and keep your relationship between you two, as all that matters is that your both happy!

    • Thanks for the feedback! Glad to hear someone else is in the same boat. I find that people tend to look down on us becasue of our young age. They don’t listen to our logic. At least we’re not on a reality show!

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