Evil Dead (2013) VIDEO Review


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Why I Hate Zombies & Other Shit.



I honestly can’t understand the Zombie fan-base. To me, the fans are really annoying and wasting a bunch of money to prepare themselves for an apocalypse that won’t happen because they are in fact already zombies to the material items before them therefore don’t use their brain to function, because deary, there’s an app for that. I’m not grouping all people that love zombies into one fan base. There are cool people, but a majority of them need to cool their jets.

Let’s chop this blog up into 3 sections. 1 – Why I wouldn’t fear a zombie apocalypse 2 – What I think people should prepare for 3 – why I hate zombie films.

1 – Why I wouldn’t fear a Zombie Apocalypse:

  • It’s dead flesh. The being is dead…. -_- And if you seriously can’t outrun something that’s dead… you’ve got issues. And no, I don’t believe that there will be dead flesh brain eating monsters that will skip, jump, run, and pounce. it’s dead.
  • Weather – The weather would be our ally because it affects the dead flesh.
  • Why bother fighting to live if everything you know is gone? Just be a zombie yourself and raise hell!

2. What I think people SHOULD be preparing for:

  • Inflation
  • Poverty
  • The day the US government pulls the plug on “aides” to it’s citizens
  • living off the grid
  • being self sufficiant
  • learning how to barter with fellow community members
  • have working class man only work/trade with working class man (hey the big wigs do it, why can’t we?)
  • Having a food / water shortage
  • When North Korea goes Ape shit and bombs the whole world up.
  • Learning how to communicate without technology.
  • Not being so attached to technology (I’m talking don’t be so addicted. Sure it’s cool to browse and such, but don’t make it your life! It’s been proven to heighten depression!)
  • Being thankful for what they have.

3. Why I hate zombie movies:

  • All the same.
  • Boring and put me to sleep.
  • Not character development because well, it’s dead flesh.
  • I don’t feel an emotional connection to the zombie character as I do the Vampire or the Werewolf or the Crow.
  • I don’t see why it’s feared because society is full of LIVING ZOMBIES which tend to make your life hell with their petty antics.
  • Only Zombie Flick I give Credit to is George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead. It should have all stopped there.

~ Mercy

Zombieland (Review)


Hello Creeps.

Today, I will be reviewing Zombieland. I just saw the film for the first time last night when my love said I should check it out. I can’t say that I’m a zombie fanatic. (I think after this review I’m going to blog post about why I don’t like zombies!) It is a decent, silly, goofy, horror comedy but I was surprised at how short it was. After I kept hearing all the hype about the film, it’s like…. that’s it?

I’m not saying that it’s a horrible movie. But, it’s like it’s Chapter One and 25 years down the road they might make a sequel. My boyfriend says I’m reading to deep into it. But, I honestly think it needed to be a tad more. For me, it was like it was only five minutes long. The funny parts zoomed through and bam bam your done. Although, people do have a short attention span these days so I think that could be why they made it that way.

I enjoyed it. The short review goes along with how quick the movie felt for me.

Blood & Guts

– Lady Mercy