Plans for 2013



I have set goals for myself in 2013. I have yet to do a damn one. Which is sort of…miserable. But, anyway – Revamping my list to do!

  • Tent Party 2013 – Party with a bunch of pals, live music, and camping!
  • Road trip 2013 – Go down to where my love is from and see all the places he wishes to show me.
  • First Tattoo – A birthday gift to me. I finally have the finalized version of my first tattoo sketched out. For me, this tattoo represents a milestone in my life. I look forward to getting it!
  • Break Loose – Get over my social anxiety! Stop fearing the world and take charge.
  • Play first gig – I want my band to get together and play their first gig! 
  • Purchase bass – Get a bass again. 
  • Graduate College – I got myself back into college! Now to finish up and graduate! Hopefully, this time around, I will network and make some friends. My love has told me that I should try too… so I will!
  • Create Positive Memories – I need some positive memories to look back on. This year marks the first year of a WHOLE NEW LIFE for me!

I want to start my life. Have great memories with my boyfriend, and friends. 

This life of just … wishing and dreaming has to stop. It has to move forward to achieving.

Good bye unstable life. Hello stable one.

– Mercy


Waiting Game


Hello Creeps.

Let me tell you, nothing is more nerve racking than wondering about something that’s been on your mind so damn much. The funding, the music festival…It’s to the point where I’m exhausted and can’t sleep! It’s 6:31AM and I’ve been up since 4:30AM just wondering and pacing. The Jeopardy “Think Music” comes to play.

– Mercy Desdemona ~

One Step Beyond (T.V. Series Review)


Dearest Creeps,

Lately, I have been dwelling in the depths of vintage television series. I must say that I am ashamed at myself for almost forgetting one of my favorite vintage television shows:

This television series was the underdog of the popular television series, The Twilight Zone. The original run of this series was from 1959 – 1961. It’s a shame it only had three seasons because it was much different from the Twilight Zone. This series was introduced by John Newland in each episode. Unlike Twilight Zone which was a series composed of fictional science fiction and horror stories to stimulate your brain, One Step Beyond is a show that re-created REAL cases that have been documented. What I like about the show is that they don’t tell you if the tales are true or false. It’s up to the audience to come to their own conclusion and wonder the wonderful question: “What if…” It’s like a constant cliff hanger that would drive a nerd such as myself to research the cases presented for more information to come to a well thought out conclusion.

I always enjoy shows that are based upon documented cases. It’s good to see this series up on Youtube with a channel dedicated to these marvelous episodes. If you like shows such as Twilight Zone, Night Gallery, The Outer Limits, etc. and are a huge vintage nerd, check out the episode below:

Thanks for wasting time with my existence.

Blood & Guts,
Mercy Desdemona