Dear Pro-Lifers


Dear Pro-Lifers,

      I had no idea my uterus was public ground. That because I have a womanly structure, that makes me mentally unsound. Your Anti-Abortion antics, make me enraged inside and out. It doesn’t make me pro-abortion, but a pro-choice individual. I see it as none of my business. That individuals have a life path of their own. We aren’t all the same, in this life we call a game. I strongly believe we can make our own decisions. I certainly will not change my views, for your religions. 

    You are barely pro-life if you won’t help the living children and may I ask how many unwanted children you’ll be adopting? We are an over populated world, with so many young boys and girls, in foster care systems wanting family’s of their own. But out of my uterus I didn’t invite you. I certainly didn’t ask you to tea. I believe both men and women are equal. We’re both apart of humanity. No one is ruling over the other, but working in harmony. 

Dear Pro-Lifers,

May I ask why my uterus offends you? God Forbid a woman says “tampon” or “Period” and right away you cringe. Could it be that you’re still in grade school? And blush at such words? Couldn’t you just realize, banning abortion doesn’t stop it, it makes it unsafe for women’s lives. There are so many circumstances, where abortion should be a choice. You have no right to judge someone’s life path, unless you are walking their shoes.

Goodnight, Pro-Lifers.


– Mercy

Music Festival Update



June first is creeping up upon us and I’m hoping that the weather man is incorrect about the weather on that day. 85 degrees with a chance of mild thunderstorms. That would piss me off after all this hard work has been done and we’d have to switch stuff. NO!

I might want to check with the adult center to see if they’ll be our indoor venue just in case. Other than that, I have no idea. The high school would be alright, but looks poor considering its a fundraiser for a local business.

We’ve had an act cancel on us, so we have 2 more band slots available and time working against us! Other than that, bands are all secured. I have to rush Saturday morning to pick up my PA system and rush to the venue.

This is going to be an interesting Saturday and I’m very frustrated at this point because I still haven’t heard from the group that’s supposed to be doing the bake sale table! It’s quite irritating when everything comes down to this one day. One chance at a first impression.

On a great note, my festival is being advertised on BIC:

I appreciate their time in advertising for us! It’s an honor.

I have gotten a lot more confident than I ever was during this whole endeavor. Now, it’s crunch time to take those daydreams into a reality.

I’m pretty happy with how this festival came about and all the struggles with it. It shows that I can tackle the worst situations and become better at what I do! Life is a learning experience!

What I’m looking forward to – not only the festival and the opening of my ice cream shop – but also getting back into music myself! I’ve been saying this for a long time, but this time it’s going to happen!

I’ve already gotten back into doing my vocal warm up practices. I’d really like to get my hands on a bass again and do keyboards again.

Inspirations are all around me. I’ve been working hard for two damn years to create a better life for myself, my boyfriend, and my family. I’d love to see it pay off.

I’m also going to get back into doing the film and album reviews once a week on this blog after the festival. Unsuccessful Entertainment will be back doing videos after the festival as well.

We appreciate all the new follows and subscribers! Thanks for Creepin’!

– Mercy Desdemona, Will, & Harry the Cat

Girls… Girls… Girls….


A great part of a relationship is that you get to share your friends with your boyfriend, and you get to meet his. But it’s not always fun when the girls do nothing but harass and attempt petty drama. I get very defensive about my relationship, and I do NOT tolerate any over stepping boundaries or the fact that these “friends” are taking my boyfriend’s nice nature as something more than it is. I can honestly say, girls I distrust with a deep passion. They have to earn my trust. And so far, even when I’m nice… these chicks are harrassing me and trying to stir trouble. I don’t want my low confidence to kick in again, but sometimes it does….


Women in Music


Warning: This post is brutally honest and to the point.

I am a young woman that is a musician. I can count on one hand how many females I look up to in the Metal world. A majority of my idols are men in the field. The other day I was discussing with my boyfriend our idols and that is where I came to this realization. My vocal idols are mainly men. Doro being the only woman I can really say I look up to. Others are all men.

I set pretty high standards for myself. I like to have a goal on how to improve my abilities so I can be the best that I can be. When I see what is considered a “woman” in music, I basically want to face palm myself. These “women” aren’t real women at all. They are young girls that are the voice for women. Which is sad and pathetic. There are a lot of women out there with the guts, blood, sweat, tears, and raw power out there that don’t get the props they deserve because they don’t act like a poster chick.

Mercy’s definition of a poster chick: A girl in music that uses her body to gain attention even though she has poor abilities or abilities that don’t reach their full potential because they’d rather “slut up” for posters and be someone’s fap material.


You don’t need to be a poster chick if you’ve got raw power to you. You don’t need to compete for sexiest metal queen nor compete for best looking person on earth. Music isn’t a beauty contest. If it were, we’d have fucking pageants.

Doro is proof you needn’t slut up:

As for people that are truly in the music for their love, they will give their all. Showing off your boobs and ass to everyone on the planet doesn’t make you popular because you’re “talent” is awesome. It’s because you walk around like some playboy bunny looking for some tail.

Ladies, run with your talent. Your body isn’t for sale. You want to be taken seriously, then prove you’ve got what it takes. Don’t try to get by on life with looks. Looks fade, a true talent lasts forever.