Evil Dead (2013) VIDEO Review


Hello my devils and ghouls! Here is my latest review video about the new Evil Dead that came out in 2013! Feel free to subscribe for more videos and keep an eye out for the upcoming “Mercy’s Macabre” web series that will be uploaded this month! https://www.facebook.com/MercyDesdemona <– Follow me on Facebook!





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Hello Devils and Ghouls!

I have decided to go ahead and upload regularly on my YouTube channels – Both Unsuccessful Entertainment & Mercy Desdemona. I want to have more interaction with my followers and get back into being the creative little lady I am. Unsuccessful Entertainment is where my boyfriend and I will continue with what we were doing. My Mercy Desdemona Channel will be my blogs and more. I think it will help me with my journey and hopefully help others in my shoes. I know that I have what it take to branch out of my shell and it’s time to do so. I have had the year from hell. And I have realized through my trials that being myself is all that matters and that I AM good enough. I’m not trying to please others any longer. I have successfully received funding for my family’s restaurant, and I will be opening in the fall. I am also traveling down to a horror convention in September for my birthday weekend. We will have: Videos, Pictures, Interviews. And I will be hosting a contest coming back from horror con for my devils and ghouls that enjoy horror as much as  I do.

I am very fortunate to have my boyfriend with me through all these hard times. Although, we’ve had our fair share of blowouts, we’re still here. Still together and still very strong – if not stronger than before. I am staying true to myself now. I am doing what I have to do to be the leader I am deep inside. For far too long, I have held back out of fear. Depression took out my fire and here I am stomping on it all. I’ve never felt so empowered or spiritually connected to myself and life itself.

I do hope some of my readers on here subscribe to the two channels and support myself and my boyfriend on our journey. I am excited to share my musical talents and just who I am with the world.

I have to edit a video that was shot yesterday. It’s a silly little Diddy, and I didn’t realize my boyfriend was filming me at all while i was visiting the neighbors.

I’m also thinking of coming up with a few designs for some merchandise for my followers both on here and other places on the web.

I appreciate your interweb stalking and Welcome to my world.




Mercy Desdemona



I am Demon. (Logical Rant)


Whilst looking upon youtube, my boyfriend stumbled upon a YouTuber that was attempting to analyze a song by one of our favorite bands. Instead of doing a well thought out researched analysis, she started to take the words as a personal attack on herself and her religious belief. Instead of realizing that the song was telling a story. After all, music is a form of entertainment, and the best songs tell us a story to strike up emotions.

After she did 2 parts of her “analysis” and calling people who follow metal music demonic and brainwashed imbeciles, she made a reply video for those that enjoy the music. She called us Demons, that she was against our legion, and how we’ve got serious issues because we don’t follow the gospel. This is what I said as a reply to her video:

Hello. I must say that I watched your Venom video and all I have to say is Wow! For one, I am a fan of the music – Metal has helped me through a lot in my lifetime, more so than religious extremism that is keeping people divided and conquered. The only reason someone has a “Demon” in them is because the “Demon” is the troubles within themselves that they fail to admit or face. Blaming a song for telling a story or a genre of music and calling them a “legion” of demons is pretty asinine. Chill.

I honestly, don’t normally comment on people’s videos, but I felt the need to say something. In her reply she “analyzes” the Venom website and starts talking about the pentagrams and the imagery of the band. Religious pushers like this woman, clearly are why so many people don’t want to discuss the religion. The type of person to judge someone without knowing anything and “damn” them to hell.

What I don’t understand, is that in her video she claims that if people don’t like her page, they should get off and concentrate on their life. Why doesn’t she take her own advice and go her way in life? I am proud to be a “demon” in her eyes. And it’s her extremism that makes me appalled. She claims to be a person of “God” yet she will spit on fellow brothers and sisters. She doesn’t follow the number one rule “Treat others how you want to be treated.”

Extremism always makes me rant because I don’t like to see people around me hurt without any true reason. They aren’t harming anyone. I have friends that follow a faith that still listen to metal music. Extremism is what will kill this beautiful country & world. Over a belief! A belief that is supposed to bring people together and unite!

The other thing that I don’t understand – Christianity adopted the pagan holidays into their ways — so they spit in the world of the pagans. Saying we need to be burned at stake and such. Again – EXTREMISM! People have too much time on their hands to be so cruel to another human being. In my eyes, you don’t attack someone and bully them into your realm unless you have a serious mental issue.

Having a faith or not having the faith isn’t the issue. When people are left alone without politics or the religion topic, we actually come together well. We accept we’re all human and do what we need to do to be successful. When we don’t like someone in particular, we just don’t associate with them. We don’t start hate groups nor bully.

Extremism is a major issue not just in the USA, but around the world. And it’s “parent” if you will, is biased media that causes the people to be divided. We are just people of all walks of life. We have hearts, emotions, bones, and brains.

Metal music has helped me as a person. I enjoy the imagery of the stories that are deep within lyrical content that cause you to think. I am proud to be “demonic” if that’s what you will. But, I’ll be the first to help someone hurt in the street or in need of help while you’ll sit there judging from afar.

Extremism needs to stop. Or we’ll just end up causing our own demise.

– Mercy Desdemona

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Dearest Creeps – This blog is just an update on upcoming projects for our Youtube page linked below:

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