Nosferatu by Minnie d’Arc Feat. Val Purgis (Recommend)


Hello my creeps!

A friend of mine shared a song by one of her friends to take a listen and I thought that I would share it with you guys. For those of you that are into alternative/Gothic Rock this is perfect for you! Naturally, me being fond of strong vocals definitely fell in love with this track. The voice is soothing and full of emotion while telling a tale of vampires and love. The blend of the harpsichord within the music takes me back in time (and gives me a hankering for tea!).

If you’d like to check it out feel free to check out this link:


And pass it along to fellow creeps that enjoy being in the shadows.

– Mercy



Unsuccessful Entertainment E-Bay Store!


Unsuccessful Entertainment E-Bay Store!


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The Lost Boys (1987) – Review


Dearest Creeps – It’s that time again for yet another one of my crappy reviews! I can hear all your cheers already! I know you’ve been looking forward to this haven’t you? Well, today I would love to discuss one of my all time favorite films:

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The Lost Boys while being a vampire film, has a humor to it which made me chuckle when I was a little girl. My dad had passed on to me his VHS tape of the film on a Halloween night. I still remember my first time seeing the movie, being in awe at the creep faces of the vampire. It reminded me so much of dear Nosferatu it made me all tingly!

The Lost Boys in my opinion is the final vampire film before they got all frilly. But, I could be mistaken and forgetting some of the films dear to me. The film starts off with a mom and her two sons moving in with their grandpa in a Californian town. From there on the oldest son sees a girl of which he fancies and decides to follow her only to run into a group of vampire boys of which he befriends then defeats in a silly scene at the end.

I love the comedy of the grandfather in the film. You think he’s a crazy old coot just waiting to keel over — but in reality he has some smarts to him. After all, he was the only one that knew the vampires were existing around while the mom thought everyone was nuts and talking in a really annoying, passive voice about it.

The Frog brothers are neat, kick ass nerds that talk in an annoying manner but help defeat the vampires. Needless to say, the younger broski ends up befriending them to save his brother from all the vampire hooblah going around.

Is it sad I can recite this film while I watch it with a crappy british accent? I think not.

Anyway, I enjoyed the special effects of when they had — what I call “Vampire Face” — because they looked amazingly disgusting and demonic! That’s how a vampire should be! Human face by day, crazy Vampire face at night. None of that pretty boy crapola we’ve got going on lately.

Anyway, check it out. All that yadda. I’ve got more horror films to watch.

– Mercy

Vampires – Why I’m attracted.


I have been a fan of vampire folklore since I was a small girl. Something about the humanity of the mythical being intrigued me at such a young age, as I grew older I would start to read more into the many folklore out there and interview people that call themselves vampires. I’m not attracted to the blood and gore of such a character — but the romance and the humanity within it.

A vampire character is closer to the human heart than any other mythical being I’ve ever come across to research. I strongly believe this because we wish we could have all the time in the world to stay young and go about our travels without a care in the world! Oh that is just one of the greatest things isn’t it? The thought of immortality and eternal youth! What more could a human possibly dream of?

The vampire snaps us humans out of that fantasy. It shows us the reality of dealing with eternal youth and immortality. I honestly, feel a connection to the character. Twists my brain into deep thought and my emotions pulse through my veins as I evaluate my own life choices and decisions.

Maybe I’m just some nerd that looks too deep within the surface of a mythical being.

Who knows.

Blood & Guts

Mercy Desdemona

Nosferatu 1922


Nosferatu one of the most marvelous movies I have ever come across. I am a silent film junkie – especially silent horror – and I wish they would continue the making of silent films. I say this because within the silent films the actors and actresses had to portray their emotion through body language. You felt what they were feeling — you could sense it. It makes your body just tingle — either that or it’s just me and I get lost within the films.

Today, I’m going to start my horror review series with Nosferatu. This was the first film of vampire nature that I came across as a little girl. It’s what started it all for me and I love it to this day. Nosferatu tells the tale of Dracula (Yes, they were sued for using the story) with a few name changes here and there. Max Schreck was the marvelously eerie Nosferatu or Count Orlock. I believe this is the film that captured the vampire at it’s finest. A dark creature, ugly by nature, frightening as he would drink the blood of a human being.

The dark nature of the film always hit me in the heart. The way I interpreted the darkness made me feel so secure. As Count Orlock drains the life from a victim it’s like it’s showing us that life is too short to waste and with each slumber we go towards Lady Death. I believe every vampire fan should sit back enjoy this classic.

^ Feel free to watch it here on youtube. Found the Full Movie.

Also… this review is written horribly — Note to self: Review when you aren’t in a hurry to go to town. But hey.. it’s a start.

Blood & Guts,
Mercy Desdemona.

P.s. If you’d like me to review a horror film, feel free to leave a title within the comments. I promise, I’ll take my time and effort into them. Horror Reviews will be done every Friday.

Horror Film List


Hello creeps.

I hope you are all having a dreary weekend and sleepless night. I decided to post my first list on this blog. Whether you enjoy this list or not is completely up to you. In any case, thanks for wasting time with my existence. Follow me to waste more time and to keep updated on these poorly written blog posts before you. Reviews to come at a later date. This list are just a few of the movies I watch here and there.

Mercy’s List 15 Horror Films

1. Nosferatu 1922
2. Nightmare Castle
3. Evil Dead
4. The Thing (’50s & ’80s versions)
5. Winterbeast
6. The Blob
7. Parents
8. Last Man on Earth
9. The Lost Boys
10. House on Haunted Hill
11. The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
12. The Devil’s Rejects
13. The Creature from the Black Lagoon
14. Prime Evil
15. The Bat (Silent & ’50s Version)