Return of Horror Review Fridays!


The Last Horror Film (1982)

Summary: A lonely and creepy taxi driver stalks an attractive actress who will be at a film festival, and coincidentally, her friends get murdered while this fruit loop is around.

       Hello Devils & Ghouls and welcome back to Horror Review Fridays. We’ll kick it off with a review of a film called The Last Horror Movie. I first saw this film when my boyfriend and I were perusing the web and stumbled upon this film on the Troma Movies YouTube. It does have marvelous B-Movie status as it is very whacky. This one is definitely a horror/comedy as a taxi driver named Vinny – obviously a lonely pervert – gets obsessed with an actress named Jana Bates. So obsessed that he stalks her to a film festival and goes to very creepy lengths to try to get her to star in his own horror movie. Vinny has pictures of Jana all over his walls and there is this one scene where he is at a strip club and has thoughts of cross-dressing and stripping himself. It was quite a weird… film but even though this film is whacky and sort of silly, you can’t help but think that there really are people out there like this.

         See film trailer here:

          I have to rate this film a great 7 dead babies as it’s as weird as it could possibly get. We watch Vinny the cabbie get so lost into creating a horror movie, he starts practicing in real life and can’t tell the difference between weird ass flashbacks or reality. This movie is highly recommended for horror nerds that are inviting people over to have a good laugh. Even non-horror fans that just want to see a comedy – this would work for you because it’s just over all bad acting and awkward dialogue. When viewing the film, it almost looks like a college film student project and a small budget. Vinny gets annoying during the film and you will start taking bets on when Vinny will get punched in the face or not. Vinny – I don’t sympathize with you buddy!

You can view the full movie here:

Short review is short. But I’m getting back into the swing of things. Check back Nxt Friday for Horror REview Fridays!

– Mercy

Tromaville: There’s Nothing Out There (1991) Review


Hello Creeps. Me again, creating blogs in big amounts because I will not have time to update. Today, let’s talk about independent films. And Troma films! If you hadn’t learned by watching our reviews already, we are huge Troma fans. We reviewed two Troma films so far: Winterbeast and Monster in the Closet. Today, I want to take out the time to review – There’s Nothing Out There. Brought to us by the Troma Team.

A few days back, my  love and I decided to browse the Troma Library to stumble upon the 1991 film: There’s Nothing Out There.

Two things about this movie:

1. Comedic

2. Genius.

Why do I say such a thing? Because it’s one of the most perfect B-Movies out there. It picks on all the cliched moments in what I call “Teen Screams” and has sarcastic humor that’s awesome. My favorite character is the Horror Movie Nerd, whose love of horror films helps him identify the fact they are dealing with a situation similar to the ones within the films he’s studied and watched. Seven friends are up in a cabin for Spring Break. Of course, at the beginning of the movie you see the left over 80’s hair and the boring teacher talking about the assignment over Spring Break as everyone skips out with glee!

So… these seven friends go up to the cabin. And of course as in lots of “Teen Screams” there’s a lot of sex scenes. So… the beginning of the film is sort of like some soft creepy porno with people that jump REALLY high. I mean, REALLY high. It’s like they were on some sort of drug or trampoline. The monster is this “alien” little creature that makes people killers and wants to impregnate the ladies 😉 so it has that “hidden” sexual tone that becomes prominent when the monster was spreading the woman’s legs and giving her the 😉 face.

So, the dude that watched all the horror films soon becomes the hero as his obsession saves him and his two friends from the freaky monster thingy. I really don’t want to say too much about this because it’s something you creeps should check out for yourself. There will be  a video review on this film at a later date. Want to check it out? Here’s the Trailer: