Music Festival Fundraiser by Unsuccessful Entertainment


Hey Creeps! The latest video on our YouTube Discussing our music festival fundraiser! All of the proceeds will go towards opening The Igloo Ice Cream Parlor & Eatery!

Bands: We have limited space available!! Please contact us immediately if you’re interested! We are open to many genres as the festival is for all ages!

Sick of Divide and Conquer


It seems to me that the end of the world isn’t on the 21st. But, rather we will be gaining a new outlook on life. I’ve heard more Martin Luther King Jr speeches being brought up around. I’ve talked with individuals in my travels and they all say the same thing: “I’m tired of fighting with men and women that are in the same boat as I am.” How much longer can we keep fighting each other for the amusement of the wealthy and powerful?

People say the statement: History Repeats Itself.

But, that’s not all a good thing. It doesn’t have to repeat itself. Many people are talking about a civil war in America. When I asked someone who was for it: “Who would you be shooting?” Their answer was: “Family, friends, anyone.” Now, why on earth would you fight amongst yourselves? I’m sorry but that’s idiotic.

We don’t have to use War as the only way to fix issues. At the risk of sounding like a tree hugger hippy, I’m against the civil war. I don’t see the need for it. It’s playing into the hands of big money and Government.

Just because our ancestors fought constantly doesn’t mean we have to. They had a genuine reason for war. We don’t. The longer we are divided and conquered the more pain and agony we’ll go through. We allowed to become divided. They’ve conquered and now we have the nerve to blame ethnic groups, religious groups, races etc. for the issue. When the issue itself is people. EVERYONE allowing hatred to spread. No, you won’t get along with everyone. But if you don’t like em, just leave them alone.

I think people get along much better without the influence of media – which is supposed to give us facts but thats no longer the case.

Enough power to the people from me.

This is poorly written due to my over tired nature.

My apologies.

Blood & Guts.
† Mercy Desdemona †