The Lost Boys: The Tribe (Review)




Hello Creeps. 

Since I haven’t done a review in so long, I thought I mine as well do one today. Today I am reviewing The Lost Boys: The Tribe. This movie was a complete joke and instead of being a sequel, it’s like a crappy remake of the original Lost Boys. They have the kids that go to their aunt’s house (i think.. either that or some deranged woman’s place) to live and this aunt does a fail at trying to be the silly grandpa from the original. 

The kids go to a party where they meet up with the vampires. The chick in the film gets seduced by the vampire and gets jiggy with it with the vampire dude during the crappy remake of “Cry Little Sister” by the band Aiden. The brother tries to say that there are vampires, they get the Frog brother, they go they hunt vampires the end.

What I see wrong with this… is sooo much! Honestly, they could have made a decent sequel or remake or whatever the fuck this thing was supposed to be! Hell! I could have done a better job creating it! This film is as if you take a bunch of preppy whine asses and shove them in a film and being all “Oh my god… ew.” 


I would rate this zero dead babies. A waste of time. Something you’d put on if you need a nap. 


Agh.. the movie sucks so much I can’t even be motivated to write this review….




Good day


– Mercy


The Lost Boys (1987) – Review


Dearest Creeps – It’s that time again for yet another one of my crappy reviews! I can hear all your cheers already! I know you’ve been looking forward to this haven’t you? Well, today I would love to discuss one of my all time favorite films:

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The Lost Boys while being a vampire film, has a humor to it which made me chuckle when I was a little girl. My dad had passed on to me his VHS tape of the film on a Halloween night. I still remember my first time seeing the movie, being in awe at the creep faces of the vampire. It reminded me so much of dear Nosferatu it made me all tingly!

The Lost Boys in my opinion is the final vampire film before they got all frilly. But, I could be mistaken and forgetting some of the films dear to me. The film starts off with a mom and her two sons moving in with their grandpa in a Californian town. From there on the oldest son sees a girl of which he fancies and decides to follow her only to run into a group of vampire boys of which he befriends then defeats in a silly scene at the end.

I love the comedy of the grandfather in the film. You think he’s a crazy old coot just waiting to keel over — but in reality he has some smarts to him. After all, he was the only one that knew the vampires were existing around while the mom thought everyone was nuts and talking in a really annoying, passive voice about it.

The Frog brothers are neat, kick ass nerds that talk in an annoying manner but help defeat the vampires. Needless to say, the younger broski ends up befriending them to save his brother from all the vampire hooblah going around.

Is it sad I can recite this film while I watch it with a crappy british accent? I think not.

Anyway, I enjoyed the special effects of when they had — what I call “Vampire Face” — because they looked amazingly disgusting and demonic! That’s how a vampire should be! Human face by day, crazy Vampire face at night. None of that pretty boy crapola we’ve got going on lately.

Anyway, check it out. All that yadda. I’ve got more horror films to watch.

– Mercy