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Hello Devils and Ghouls!

I have decided to go ahead and upload regularly on my YouTube channels – Both Unsuccessful Entertainment & Mercy Desdemona. I want to have more interaction with my followers and get back into being the creative little lady I am. Unsuccessful Entertainment is where my boyfriend and I will continue with what we were doing. My Mercy Desdemona Channel will be my blogs and more. I think it will help me with my journey and hopefully help others in my shoes. I know that I have what it take to branch out of my shell and it’s time to do so. I have had the year from hell. And I have realized through my trials that being myself is all that matters and that I AM good enough. I’m not trying to please others any longer. I have successfully received funding for my family’s restaurant, and I will be opening in the fall. I am also traveling down to a horror convention in September for my birthday weekend. We will have: Videos, Pictures, Interviews. And I will be hosting a contest coming back from horror con for my devils and ghouls that enjoy horror as much as  I do.

I am very fortunate to have my boyfriend with me through all these hard times. Although, we’ve had our fair share of blowouts, we’re still here. Still together and still very strong – if not stronger than before. I am staying true to myself now. I am doing what I have to do to be the leader I am deep inside. For far too long, I have held back out of fear. Depression took out my fire and here I am stomping on it all. I’ve never felt so empowered or spiritually connected to myself and life itself.

I do hope some of my readers on here subscribe to the two channels and support myself and my boyfriend on our journey. I am excited to share my musical talents and just who I am with the world.

I have to edit a video that was shot yesterday. It’s a silly little Diddy, and I didn’t realize my boyfriend was filming me at all while i was visiting the neighbors.

I’m also thinking of coming up with a few designs for some merchandise for my followers both on here and other places on the web.

I appreciate your interweb stalking and Welcome to my world.




Mercy Desdemona