Artemia Episode 3


(( Dearest Devils & Ghouls, I am making Artemia a novel series !))


Artemia Part 3

      I despise grocery shopping. The lines, the prices, my appetite. To top it off, the frizzy haired obese woman in front of me smells of a marlboro and puke mixture. I hate the check out lines. Especially those self service ones… I don’t work here and unless I’m getting paid, I should not be checking myself out. The damn computer voice annoys the hell out of me. Of course, being the bachelorette I am, I only needed a few select items and no express lane is available. Walmart. You guys must be so proud to demolish the hopes and dreams of the mom and pop shops.  I wonder why they don’t play the generic super market music they do in sitcoms. I grabbed a newspaper “Gloria Roberts, 17, Still Missing”. It’s always a shame when young people go missing.

         I was greeted by a woman with too much make up. $108.50 for a small amount of items. On the drive home, I was jamming out to the radio when The Ripper by Judas Priest came to play.Sparking very delightful memories. I am amused by those that claim the ripper case is closed. No one knows who the ripper was… but me. I was friends with the ripper until it’s death in 1896. A lot of people came to mourn the ripper… shedding tears, wishing condolences and not one of those individuals new of the dark deeds that were committed. In 1888, I was living in a small flat in England. Right above the bakery where I worked, and sometimes played piano for the guests at a nearby hotel. I remember one foggy night, I was walking home in the dark. An unfortunate had passed me by, stumbling from having too much to drink. A dark carraige followed her. I guess the well off need loving too. Shortly after I saw her get into the carriage, I heard a muffled scream. Who ever was in that carriage had some pretty insane fetishes.

         I seriously became obsessed with the ripper case. I put together pieced of information better than the police. The police wouldn’t take my findings into consideration because I was a young woman. The best thing I remember was that rainy night in 1888. A knock on my door that changed my life. I answered the door in my night gown. “Yes?” I said, wiping my tired eyes. A tall man, whom I recognized as a carraige driver, was at my door. ” Your company… is requested.” He pointed out down the front door and to the carriage. The same carriage I saw when stalking the ripper. I was taken to the carriage, greeted by the ripper and a bloody knmife. “I know you’ve seen my doing, Kathleen.” Yes, i have.” I said, firmly not showing fear. “I admire your fearlessness.” The ripper handed me an exquisite amount of money. “Go have yourself a grand meal… and this is our little secret.” I saw the ripper smile and was excused from the carriage. I wish I could get a meal like the one I had that night. But, sadly no one cooks like that anymore.

      At home, my cats greeted me one by one. I turned on some music and begane to work on my artwork. ” Oh You.” I said to myself.The Ripper was the inspiration for this art piece. I kept thinking so much of David. He could very well still be a live. He would be an elderly man now. I often wonder if I’ll ever search for him. I kept working on my art until 6:00 AM I had to get some sleep. I awoke at noon to have some french toast and home fries at the local diner. I took my laptop to look up agencies that specialized in helping people find lost loved ones. I wanted to find David and get over my fear. Maybe finding him will bring me some sort of closure on that past life. The agency around me was a fifteen minute drive. “Hello, my name is Artemia. I’m calling to make an appointment.” A polite voice answered me, “Sure. Who may we help you find?” I thought about it. I couldn’t say my son. “A distant relative.” I heard typing on the other end. “Hmmm, well ma’am we have an opening tomorrow morning at eight? Come on in with some pictures and family history.” I wrote it in my plan book. “Okay, sounds good.”

    Tomorrow begins that search. I shut my laptop and had my brunch. Angel came in and sat next to me. We had a great conversation about her engagement. I wanted to talk to her about David so much.but I couldn’t. “You need to go on a date and stop being such a cat lady.” She said suddenly. I hated it when other women got engaged, they automatically think that you need to be too or else it’s just a bore. “You can’t bring one of your cats as a date to my wedding.” I rolled my eyes. “I can go as an individual.” I said simply. Back at home, I dug out my old photographs Me, Roger, and David. I cried and listened to some Dean Martin. My emotional state about that life is quite terrifyiing. I could never forget Roger’s Love or my only child.

© Mercy Desdemona 2013


5 Things Missing in Movies


Dear Creeps,

I think it’s been awhile since I did any sort of thing like this. So here we go. Today we’re going to talk about what I think is missing in films. Ready? Here we go:


  1. Story line:  A good and well thought out story line is needed in anything. It’s pretty much missing from every genre of film except documentary. All you really see now is boobs and how people party to hard. Where are all the good story lines?
  2. Emotion: Emotion is a big one and ties into story line. When the emotion isn’t there, how can the audience get entranced? How can we feel the chills? Or question? Or wonder?
  3. Psychological Touch: This is more towards the horror/mystery genre. We are definitely missing the psychological touch. At the end of said films, I want to actually feel scared. I want to question if it’s reality or fantasy. I want a total mind fuck to be honest!
  4. Scenery: Everything is all computers and HD. The HD ruins the mood for horror films a lot, because there’s no longer rough quality to distort the scenery behind it. Also, with all the special effects, it doesn’t feel like a movie at all, but a video game. Instead of always using Blue for horror, Yellow/orange for adventure, why not use scenery and actually bring the people into the film?
  5. Actors & Actresses: Let’s face it, with the whole over doing special effects thing, people don’t really need to even act anymore. They don’t need to try to tell a story – because it’s not there. They don’t need to show emotion – because it’s not there. All the “movies” really are now are a bunch of pixel effects that look like shit. What happened to actors and actresses? Stunt men?! Where did it all go?!

I hope you enjoyed this list. More to come in a future Unsuccessful Entertainment video.


– Mercy