Unsuccessful Entertainment: Winterbeast (1991) Review


This weeks Unsuccessful Entertainment review! Join us tonight at 11 PM Eastern to watch a film and hang out!

What is Unsuccessful Entertainment?
Basically a bf/gf team that makes crappy videos for your entertainment.

Our youtube: http://www.youtube.com/vintagehorrormadame

Mercy Desdemona

Unsuccessful Entertainment


Hello Creeps. I am going to take a minute for self-promotion. I’m currently working on my new Youtube project with my boyfriend. We’re called: Unsuccessful Entertainment – Where we unsuccessfully entertain you. We are two horror and music junkies that review films/albums for your pleasure (or not). We will be hosting a live event at the end of every month where we show a film (eventually of the audience’s choosing), answer creeps questions and recommend/play music.
(Eventually, we may be performing live music once our band is in running order.)

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Thanks creeps for all the support and lurking. It’s appreciated.

Blood & Guts

– Mercy