What am I to do?!


I’m not doing to well my creeps. My chances of getting funding for my family’s business is really slim due to the fact that I have “young” credit. I don’t know what to do at all. I could go to the local bank I guess… but I keep hearing I need a co-signer. I don’t have anyone. This business is crucial to my family’s situation! I feel like I failed my family and I can’t do anything. 


Good Advice From A Sleepy Brain


Creeps… I haven’t slept yet. So I’m going to share advice — Because that’s always the best time to give advice — when you’re sleep deprived.


#1 – It is NOT advisable to look in to peoples windows — It’s not neighborly. Stick with the casserole.

#2 – A pizza box doesn’t protect you from lighting strikes.

#3 – Your younger sibling doesn’t make a good dinner candle.

#4 – Never confuse an old folks home for a mummy museum.