Back to blogging


I am proud to announce that I am back in good health!! I have been sick for the passed two months and I have finally recovered enough to continue my important work. I do have to apologize for lack of activity in February. I have moved my Future February interview to be Featured March. I am also getting internet access back at my home sometime this month to ensure regular blogging. I have talked with a few friends who would like to become content creators of this blog on a regular basis. I will post a blog about when they join the Desdemona Crew.

Thank you for all that have followed me and have been patient in my time of absence.

I will reply to all emails shortly.

– Xoxo – Mercy Desdemona

I’m Back to Blogging!


Hello my devils and ghouls!

I’m awfully sorry that reality of life has pulled me away from my mediocre blogging. I am proud to announce that I am BACK! And looking forward to blogging, chatting and creating new videos! 

I had quite a set back in my life away from the computer that I had to take time to reflect on issues and find myself. 

I have been found and I’m ready to roll!


– Mercy Desdemona