Dear Obnoxious Woman of the Day


[[ If you devil’s and ghouls haven’t realized, I have a part-time job working in retail… enjoy]]


Dear Obnoxious woman with the short brown hair cut and really fake accent of “wealth”,

Thank you for coming into the store today, marching up to my pod like you owned the place, with a return… WITHOUT the receipt. Even though, You know that it’s store policy that if you don’t have the receipt you will get back the lowest price the item has ever been at. I can’t give you back what you bought it at because I DON’T have PROOF you even bought it for that much! Oh and by the way, these pants aren’t even from our store! No matter how hard you try to twist it. Sure, you can go browse and bring back a pair of pants that is “Similar” to the pair you have and expect me to give you back $54.00. Sorry ma’am. NOT how it works. The pants you’re returning even have a different STORE STICKER on it!

No! I don’t care if you won’t shop here anymore! In fact, I hope you don’t so you can make room for awesome customers that remember manners that were taught to us in Kindergarten.





Black Friday 2013


Hey creeps & ghouls. 

I have a seasonal position at a department store and I had to work black friday. Needless to say, I am appalled at how society is…. 

How people fought each other over items that are there all the time… and to be honest, the deals aren’t really deals at all. Why do people go through this shit? Why don’t they just say look dude, those retail workers need to be at home during the Holidays! Lets NOT shop! No! they don’t. They don’t give a shit. They would rather fight over a can of frickin peanuts….


People disgust me.


– Mercy