Dear My Boyfriends Ex


Dear my boyfriends Ex,

It has been brought to my attention that you have made a habit of stalking me around the web ever since he most likely blocked your ass or just doesn’t associate with you. Let me tell you something sweetie, what you two had was BEFORE ME  which is not relevant in the present day. I do not doubt that you guys had some good times together. But I am his girlfriend NOW. I am the one who is there when he’s in pain. I’m the one who was there when ever he needed an ear even before the relationship blossomed. I’m the one who gives him loving hugs and kisses and supports his dreams. I’m the one that’s here to stay. Regardless of what was done with you guys in the past.

– Mercy

Outdoor Jam Out


This is a silly jam out video that my love created when his pals were up for a weekend. My love is the one on bass, my brother on the black drum set and his friend on another. They were just messing around. I was talking in the background with his other buddies. But, I have a feeling I’ll be in the next jam out video.

– Mercy

The Waiting Game & More.


I’m currently playing the waiting game with my financing which is making me incredibly nervous. I had to switch my business opening date from Memorial Day to June. I need to be open at least 2 weeks before 4th of July. It takes 15 – 30 days to receive the funds and my investors told me on Monday they would get back to me in a couple days. I know it’s Wednesday, but I’m getting quite anxious. I am also working hard on my music fest fundraiser along with my boyfriend. That’s coming a long well – only the venue is at a stand still because we have to make sure our date doesn’t interfere with another party.

The waiting game is the absolute worst game to ever have to play. Especially, when it’s about as something as heavy as business financing. I know once the financing is situated, my family and friends can have a celebration of the accomplishment. It’s been so damn long! Every minute feels like an eternity as I wait. I’m very anxious to start my business, music career, and more outside of the web.

Year in Review (So Far):

  • Christmas 2012 – My boyfriend of 5 months moves in with me and meets my family for the first time.
  • The End of the Mercy & Luna Show in January 2013 – This was my first Youtube “show” with a then friend of mine, Luna, which we hosted every weekend. Over time, we could see that we wanted to chase our own life paths and things got rather rocky. Between our time differences, lifestyles, and the fact we weren’t close friends as we once were, the show and the friendship had to end.
  • Unsuccessful Entertainment begins in Feb. 2013 and is still going strong!
  • Dissident Overdrive Music Festival was formed on April 6th 2013 by my boyfriend and myself as a fundraiser for my family’s ice cream parlor business.
  • My love and I will be celebrating our 9 month anniversary.
  • I’ve gotten back into singing training and will pick up bass again once the business is up and going.
  • I’m starting to live for myself and feeling good about myself.

Girls… Girls… Girls….


A great part of a relationship is that you get to share your friends with your boyfriend, and you get to meet his. But it’s not always fun when the girls do nothing but harass and attempt petty drama. I get very defensive about my relationship, and I do NOT tolerate any over stepping boundaries or the fact that these “friends” are taking my boyfriend’s nice nature as something more than it is. I can honestly say, girls I distrust with a deep passion. They have to earn my trust. And so far, even when I’m nice… these chicks are harrassing me and trying to stir trouble. I don’t want my low confidence to kick in again, but sometimes it does….