Dear TSA


Dear TSA,

I think you have been mistaken. I think you got your job mixed up with prostitution. Is it really a must? To sexually harass your passengers? With all your fondling, groping, and tugging – America is very nuts! I’ve seen news stories about you. Checked my sources two times over, all the times you’ve asked someone to bend over!

You make people feel far below you, try to dictate how women should dress, you aren’t my boss Mr. TSA, and I don’t have live by your standards. America was once so lovely, now so fear stricken. But, Mr. TSA you don’t scare me. Because my flight is on a delay. You seem to enjoy having your fingers up someone’s bum! I wish you’d take that metal scanner stick and shove it up your ass!

There is security measures and then there’s down right “What the hell are you doing?! This isn’t security! I shouldn’t have to strip down in front of everyone to get on a damn flight to the Bahamas! You didn’t even take me out to dinner first! Hell! You didn’t even get me a drink!” security.

Dear TSA,

I hope one day your job will decay and we can go back to being human. Nature forbid, if someone shall burp it must mean they have an explosive under their tongue! I hope you take an aircraft up your bum!


– Mercy