Why study old murder cases?


People always frown when they see me researching murder cases of the past and other weird things to do with serial killers and maniacs. What they never ask me is why do I do it. I want to take a moment to point out why I do this. No, it’s not because I have some hidden agenda to go on a massacre.

Here is why:

  • It opens your eyes to reality that this stuff does happen in our world.
  • Helps you look at human behavior.
  • Helps you realize key signs that something is wrong.
  • Helps you be aware in public. 
  • You gain knowledge of dark side around you.

I say this because our news censors reality. They don’t tell us what is going on due to the corporations calling the shots. We as people need to study reports etc to protect ourselves, families, siblings, friends, lovers. With the lack of mental health institutions (because apparently it’s inhumane to keep someone mentally incapable of being in society away from society so they don’t harm others or themselves… no its much more humane to have these people running around unmedicated and microwaving children.) these people run around with us. They don’t have special outfits on to warn us of their issues. They look like everyday people. We need to be aware – Not overly protective – but aware.

That is my reasoning for reading old cases. What do you think about someone reading murder cases? Do you agree with my reasoning?