Work, Funding, Adventures, Emotion Curse



I know I haven’t been active and I apologize. With all the situations I’m going through, I don’t spend much time on the web for leisure but more so for work. And the work is 24/7 – NON stop. Good news is I’m making a breakthrough with my efforts. Bad news is, my family isn’t being as strong as they usually are. My fundraiser is coming along nicely. Even with the bumps in the road. I honestly, can see it helping us. I also talked to my bf about one of us getting a part-time cashier’s job at the local grocery store just until the funding is deposited into my bank account. I found a company from New Jersey that’s willing to give me a try because of my usage of my business credit card. Even though I’ve only used it for a month, it was strictly for business expenses. Nothing more. It built up a good rep enough for them to take a “risk” on me. I will know more on Wednesday.

The only problem I’m having is the curse of being able to soak in the emotions around me. I am one of those people where if you put me in a room full of people, I can feel what everyone feels on the inside,despite the outer shell they put on. It’s a curse of mine because I can then feel this gigantic depressive cloud go over my shoulders. It then proceeds to push my self confidence down to a small bit and I just want to rock back and forth in the fetal position.

I’m using the power of music to keep me in check. I feel tears in my eyes because I wish I could take away the pain felt in the household around me. I know the only way is when this funding is secured. I also know that if one of the people in this house obtains that part-time cashier position – that will also take a load off and help put towards the opening of the family ice cream shop.

I’m confident in my path… yet I get weak in front of my father. Why? When I have so much power within me. I suppose I don’t want to defy him in any way. I would never want to break his trust especially after all he’s done for me. But, this fundraiser and such is a big deal that needs to happen. I’m working mighty mighty hard on what I’m doing. And I refuse to have anything taken from me.

Tomorrow – We’re calling the grocery store for the part-time job. Most likely won’t be me since I have to be at home talking to lenders on the phone. But if my brother or my boyfriend obtain the position it will help a great deal!

I think I have vented enough.

– Mercy

Dream – Positive Ouija Board & The Stranger – What does it mean?


Hey Creeps. 

Last night, despite my over stressing, I slept very well. Honestly, it may not seem like a big deal to you, but it is to someone that barely sleeps ever. I slept so good and woke up with high spirits! 

My dream: 

In my dream, I started off sitting on my lawn and a stranger came up to me. She was a woman of about 45 and dressed in women’s clothing from 1700s. She smiled at me and took my hand. 

Part One: I was dreaming about the business. I was at a meeting with people I didn’t know. it was some committee and I had to prove that I was worth the risk to loan me business credit. After the meeting, I had a smile on my face and a ouija board popped up in my dream. It kept saying positive messages such as yes, forward, accomplish, and the company of which I’m seeking a loan from. Anyone know what this part means?

Part two: My boyfriend and I were on the road together. In a band with some of his pals he recently re-connected with. We were having a good time. This girl tried to come between us but failed and he kept announcing how we’re together forever. She kept trying because she used to be associated with him in the past but she never succeeded and it all of a sudden started to flash before my eyes. All good memories and events that happen to us in our journey together. Two orbs came out of our bodies and intertwined. What does that mean?

Part 3: The positive ouija board came out again. With words of encouragement. Esther is the woman’s name. She says she’s my spirit guide and but couldn’t speak so she spelled out. She wanted me to feel better and know I’m on the right track. 



– I researched the name Esther circa 1700s… she used to live on my property. One of the first people to be in my town. She claimed in my dream to have been watching me a long time and she will guide the way. 


– What does this dream all mean?!

I have had positive energy and a smile on my face ever since the dream. I couldn’t stop smiling even when I try. What is going on?!