Hello Creeps.

Let’s talk a little bit about the show Suspense that aired from 1949 – 1954. The show is basically early live television. It’s more like a play than an actual television show – since it is based off of a radio program! The stage designs and effects aren’t really prominent in this show becuase it focused more on the acting and play writing. I am not just a horror fan, but a mystery and thriller fan. Especially, the classic who-dun-its!

When watching the show it is in black and white. You can clearly see that it’s the beginning of live television with the audio, camera angles, and not to mention the acting. It’s not one of those over acted productions that you normally saw. It actually reminds me of silent films if they were talkies. The look, the over acted facial expressions – definitely see a good amount of influence from the early films.

The stories are really intriguing. As if you’re reading a gigantic story book! Me being the book worm that I am, I was instantly attracted to that fact.

For my Creeps that are interested in checking out an episode, I have it conveniently placed below:






Spirit Stories

Me in a graveyard circa 2006.

Me in a graveyard circa 2006.

I have always been fond of cemeteries. When I was old enough to take walks by myself, I would start to take walks to different cemeteries in my area. As I got older and received a license, I would travel to cemeteries in different towns around me.

Me in a cemetery circa 2012.

Me in a cemetery circa 2012.

These places are like parks to me. I would sit down and read before long I would start taking photographs and started to write. This is when things got a little weird. I’ve always been one that believes in the spirit world as you have read by other posts on my blog, (and if you’re a first time creeper, well now you know), my first experience with the strange is when I was still in high school. I went for my usual walk to a local cemetery notebook in hand. My attention was immediately drawn to this a particular grave. It was a grave of a young woman who died in 1920s. I sat upon the grave and started to write. It was like instant inspiration. I looked over the story and saw that it was about a woman in the 1920s who met her demise by falling out of a building and into the river below. I didn’t take this so seriously. When I write, I usually write and go with it. Not thinking twice about it. When I took it to school, I had my friends take a look at it. They looked at me quite funny after reading it and said that it sounded like something from the news. I thought they were picking on me because I told them I was hanging around the cemetery and they would never do as such.

What I did was go to the library and searched the young woman’s name and the situation that was in my story. It turns out the young woman who I was “sitting” with actually did die the same way that was written in my story! I went back to the cemetery and felt a pull to a different grave site. This one was of a man who had died of natural causes but regretted not seeing his wife one last time before his demise. I went to my friends with the story. One of them started to tear up and tell me how that was their grandfather and that he didn’t get to see his wife again because she died the same night while away.

It wasn’t just cemeteries that would have this connection with me. Abandoned places as well. I started to take a notebook everywhere. Lyrics/poetry would come out. I took it as nothing more than these places inspiring me. Whether I have the gift of being a medium or not, I honestly don’t know. But the writings matching with up with events of the people that had perished were too perfect.

I know that there are spirits in my home besides my visit from grandpa. I hear a tiny girl in my bedroom, her name is Lisa. The land of which my house sits used to belong to her family in the 1700s. I started researching my own property and found out that my writings have told the stories of those passed. It first alerted me when I was writing about things I didn’t have a great knowledge about, speaking in old mannerisms, and feeling like I was taken back to the place this all happened. Could this be the spirits trying to share their life with me? Or perhaps wanting a few last words before crossing over? Do they just want me to listen? Questions that will never be answered I suppose.

= Mercy Desdemona

A Visit From Grandpa


In 2005 my grandfather had passed away due to a heart attack. I am one that believes in the spirit world because the world isn’t all found out. We don’t know every nook and cranny. There are sometimes I can hear him faintly call me by a childhood nickname. He was the only one that knew that nickname too. And sometimes I can feel that he’s watching me attempt to accomplish tasks I find really difficult. This isn’t the first time I received a visit from grandpa.

Grandpa had visited me the night he died. It was before the phone rang for us to hear the news of his passing. The cookie tin where he and I would snitch late night cookies would be opened without anyone present. When I went to fix it, I felt a tap on my shoulder and the phone rang. It was my aunt delivering us the news that he had passed on.

He can be seen sometimes in the rear view mirror of my car. I could be going around my business and catch a glimpse of him. I keep telling my grandma, grandpa’s outer shell died, but his soul lives on forever.

– Mercy

’70s Horror – Era of Exorcisms & Paranormal?


Dearest Creeps,

Usually when watching films my beloved and I tend to classify films by era. For example, 1950’s was a big gigantic Science Fiction Era. But recently, I came to the conclusion in my slumber *yes…in my slumber* that the ’70s horror films were the era of exorcisms and paranormal.

After watching the horrid yet comical film – Beyond the Door – I started browsing the web for more films from the ’70s that I haven’t seen. It seemed to me the main theme was exorcisms and paranormal. It’s like everyone was jumping on that bandwagon while they could whether the quality of the film was awesome or not.

I’m thinking of starting 2013 off with “Era” reviews just so I can watch films I haven’t seen before of have forgotten. January 2013 shall be ’70s Horror Month. I write blogs every Friday with a video review on youtube every Saturday. If you have a film from the 70s you think I should take a look at let me know in a comment.

Blood & Guts,

Mercy Desdemona

Beyond The Door (Review)


Hello Creeps.

By now you may have figured out that I am into some strange and unusual films. But last night, I saw one that made me feel like I killed many a brain cells. My boyfriend and I were searching for a film to watch and stumbled upon the film Beyond the Door (1974). Here is the trailer:

Clearly, this movie was made at the height of all the exorcism crap. But this one is right up there with the film, Winterbeast for the what the fuck factor. It didn’t make any sense what so ever. You didn’t know the plot at all nor did you understand what they were saying half the time. It was as if they put a bunch of people infront of a camera and dubbed the whole film. Needless to say, I enjoy this cheese factor very much. It was lame, down right dumb, and comical.

It said in the description of the film that it was supposed to be a mix of the film, The Exorcist and the film Rosemary’s Baby. It was quite confusing becuase you didn’t know what was going on and it was the most random piece of film I’ve ever seen. The storyline – What story line? It’s basically a bunch of random demonic noises, a floating lady, and the lady being too friendly with her son. (Needless to say that made my bf hide his face away) The music was unfitting yet catchy and the actions of the individuals within the film were more than stupid.

I think, if the makers of the film would have actually taken the time to make it well it could be a pretty decent film. I didn’t like how there wasn’t really a story to follow at all. Sure, you can pick up bits and pieces here and there. But, it wasn’t anything worth sitting at the edge of your seat for. If you like cheesy “horror” you will find this a complete comedy mixed with why the hell am I watching this and is my brain really trying to comprehend this?

Blood & guts

Mercy Desdemona

One Step Beyond (T.V. Series Review)


Dearest Creeps,

Lately, I have been dwelling in the depths of vintage television series. I must say that I am ashamed at myself for almost forgetting one of my favorite vintage television shows:

This television series was the underdog of the popular television series, The Twilight Zone. The original run of this series was from 1959 – 1961. It’s a shame it only had three seasons because it was much different from the Twilight Zone. This series was introduced by John Newland in each episode. Unlike Twilight Zone which was a series composed of fictional science fiction and horror stories to stimulate your brain, One Step Beyond is a show that re-created REAL cases that have been documented. What I like about the show is that they don’t tell you if the tales are true or false. It’s up to the audience to come to their own conclusion and wonder the wonderful question: “What if…” It’s like a constant cliff hanger that would drive a nerd such as myself to research the cases presented for more information to come to a well thought out conclusion.

I always enjoy shows that are based upon documented cases. It’s good to see this series up on Youtube with a channel dedicated to these marvelous episodes. If you like shows such as Twilight Zone, Night Gallery, The Outer Limits, etc. and are a huge vintage nerd, check out the episode below:

Thanks for wasting time with my existence.

Blood & Guts,
Mercy Desdemona

The Girly Ghosthunters (Review – Please Shoot Me)


A follower of my youtube told me to check out a show entitled, The Girly Ghosthunters. Now, when I saw the name I was already getting the noose ready but I was a trooper and sat through the 13 episodes they have. Why did I sit through it all? I think it’s because I had no idea what to say about it and I was just sitting there with a look of “How could these people ever have a show in the first place” to click the “X” button.

Let’s get into the review. You have four girls attempting to be ghost hunters. In the opening sequence, you see their names and their favorite ghost hunting tools. So these four girls shove themselves in an RV and go places that are supposedly haunted. Sounds only okay at this point right?

Wrong! The majority of the show is just them interviewing people at the places of interest, they walk around like they are giving tours and then scare themselves at night by acting like city chicks in the woods.

They don’t show any of their findings nor give you any explanation at the end. It’s just a short recap of their idiotic screams. You can’t take the show seriously at all. When they do attempt to use the ouija board it’s clear that they are moving it and joking around. I can’t believe people like this get say with being signed for one season and people out there that have a great interest in paranormal investigation aren’t given a chance. seriously World… what is wrong with you.

Anyway, thanks creep on my youtube for making me want to jump off a bridge watching this crappy show.

Blood & Guts,