Westboro Baptist Church (Opinion)


You sicken me. To sit here and be American citizens and poison young children’s minds to grow up to be hateful and ugly adults is sickening. You are a cult. A brainwashing cult full of hate and bullying. To picket funerals of people that have died… is low. You may not agree with many individuals – but don’t be so heartless to harm those that did care for an individual. I’ve seen young children act more civil than you. 

I as a person, care far too much about bigger issues in this world than a person’s private life. We have bigger issues that are more life threatening than if a man decides to marry a man he is in love with. Don’t agree with it? Don’t have a gay marriage. Don’t dictate the world. 

I can agree to disagree with individuals that surround me. I cannot tell them what to do with their life. I am not in their shoes. I strongly believe that we as individuals have our own paths that we must follow. 

You people are nothing but bullies. I feel sorry for you. To spend your life so hateful – never to sit back and enjoy a soothing rain. Or sit down and listen to people with different ideals to LEARN about this lovely world around you. 

I’m going to hell according to you because I:

  • Support Gay Marriage – why? It’s non of my business. I surely wouldn’t like it if people would try to harass me for being a straight woman. 
  • Support the right to abortion – there are reasons it happens. If you don’t agree with it, don’t get one. But don’t make women go into dangerous settings to get them on the black market.
  • I love Heavy Metal – It is my “religion”.
  • I left my church – I didn’t want to become a cruel human being, so I left the Catholic Church of which my family was taking part in. I turned out to be a very strong, tolerant, and big hearted young woman that cares for the world. 


If that’s the case, I’m proud to go to hell for being a decent human being that doesn’t feel the need to harass the world because I don’t agree with them.

– Mercy


World’s Attack on Heavy Metal


Hello beautiful creeps.

Today has been a busy day full of work and the occasional web browsing. Whilst browsing the web my boyfriend and I stumbled upon an article yet again blaming the hard rock/heavy metal genres for youth’s petty crimes and “possible” hardcore crimes as an adult. Here is the article if you’re interested: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/news/entertainment/study_heavy_metal_predicts_teenage_crime.html

First and foremost I’d like to know the person that would take the time out to listen to music backwards for a living. Are you really that pathetic in life you have to listen to a genre you despise and play it backwards? Are you so petty that you have to spend your life trying to find Satan within the world because your religious preference or overall life preference says it’s a wrong way of life? Answer to those two questions is yes. Yes indeed you are.

As a fan of Heavy Metal, I must say that I never have the urge to go murder someone nor do I have the rage to make me go insane. If anything, the music has helped me become a better person and grow. I adore the genre to a full extent because of the emotion that is within the music. This genre helped me when I was in a low emotional state when I was younger. It made me feel empowered to go after the dreams I wish to accomplish and over all become a metal musician myself. It sparked life within me. I used to be someone full of so much rage and hatred for myself. I had a low self esteem and didn’t have a dream in the world.

The first two bands that really brought me into the metal world were Type O Negative and Dio. I used to listen to those two bands non-stop before my metal library expanded. I didn’t want to listen to anything else. I felt at home and empowered within the music. I could relate to the words, the way each note was played helped soothe me from the situations I was going through. Metal helped me become a strong individual. Opened my mind to the world around me. And, motivates me to get through my struggles.

I am not some form of serial killer nor am I a person that will rob your store. If anything, I’m an individual that would take the time out to talk to you. About different world views, music, films etc. just like anyone else in the neighborhood. Sure, I may have views and a personality about me that is hard to take – but I am who I am. I have metal to thank for the confidence, the power, and the connection to the human spirit/mind.

One thing I don’t understand is how people can gather groups around and attack our genre of music yet, we don’t go around playing pop records/mp3s backwards trying to decode them. And yet, I sit here thinking about it and the truth of the matter is — people HATE what they can’t understand. And when they can’t understand it — It’s seen as competition. And competition to a way of life — leads to conservatives sitting in their homes listening to Judas Priest backwards. To find a scapegoat for why people aren’t a carbon copy of them.

Don’t like or understand metal? Be afraid. Be very afraid. Because we are more human than you. WE have our emotions, our brains and our connection to the soul. We don’t just repeat what people feed us and call it life. We live life.

– Blood & Guts –
Mercy Desdemona