Nosferatu by Minnie d’Arc Feat. Val Purgis (Recommend)


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A friend of mine shared a song by one of her friends to take a listen and I thought that I would share it with you guys. For those of you that are into alternative/Gothic Rock this is perfect for you! Naturally, me being fond of strong vocals definitely fell in love with this track. The voice is soothing and full of emotion while telling a tale of vampires and love. The blend of the harpsichord within the music takes me back in time (and gives me a hankering for tea!).

If you’d like to check it out feel free to check out this link:


And pass it along to fellow creeps that enjoy being in the shadows.

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Nosferatu 1922


Nosferatu one of the most marvelous movies I have ever come across. I am a silent film junkie – especially silent horror – and I wish they would continue the making of silent films. I say this because within the silent films the actors and actresses had to portray their emotion through body language. You felt what they were feeling — you could sense it. It makes your body just tingle — either that or it’s just me and I get lost within the films.

Today, I’m going to start my horror review series with Nosferatu. This was the first film of vampire nature that I came across as a little girl. It’s what started it all for me and I love it to this day. Nosferatu tells the tale of Dracula (Yes, they were sued for using the story) with a few name changes here and there. Max Schreck was the marvelously eerie Nosferatu or Count Orlock. I believe this is the film that captured the vampire at it’s finest. A dark creature, ugly by nature, frightening as he would drink the blood of a human being.

The dark nature of the film always hit me in the heart. The way I interpreted the darkness made me feel so secure. As Count Orlock drains the life from a victim it’s like it’s showing us that life is too short to waste and with each slumber we go towards Lady Death. I believe every vampire fan should sit back enjoy this classic.

^ Feel free to watch it here on youtube. Found the Full Movie.

Also… this review is written horribly — Note to self: Review when you aren’t in a hurry to go to town. But hey.. it’s a start.

Blood & Guts,
Mercy Desdemona.

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