The Murder of Morty Mouse


The Murder of Morty Mouse

Morty .T. Mouse was found dead today amongst the twigs. Police suspect foul play due to the nature of the body. No one else in the mouse family was harmed. Morty .T. Mouse lived in a hole in the old foundation with his wife and two young children. His wife refuses to comment. Police have no leads to a suspect. For more updates on the Morty Murder Case tune in at 9.

Why study old murder cases?


People always frown when they see me researching murder cases of the past and other weird things to do with serial killers and maniacs. What they never ask me is why do I do it. I want to take a moment to point out why I do this. No, it’s not because I have some hidden agenda to go on a massacre.

Here is why:

  • It opens your eyes to reality that this stuff does happen in our world.
  • Helps you look at human behavior.
  • Helps you realize key signs that something is wrong.
  • Helps you be aware in public. 
  • You gain knowledge of dark side around you.

I say this because our news censors reality. They don’t tell us what is going on due to the corporations calling the shots. We as people need to study reports etc to protect ourselves, families, siblings, friends, lovers. With the lack of mental health institutions (because apparently it’s inhumane to keep someone mentally incapable of being in society away from society so they don’t harm others or themselves… no its much more humane to have these people running around unmedicated and microwaving children.) these people run around with us. They don’t have special outfits on to warn us of their issues. They look like everyday people. We need to be aware – Not overly protective – but aware.

That is my reasoning for reading old cases. What do you think about someone reading murder cases? Do you agree with my reasoning?


I’m Writing a Horror Film


Hello my creeps.

Yes, I am writing a lot in my blog tonight because I have the funny feeling that I shall be busy writing my horror film today and will be neglecting my blog for a little while. I have been inspired to write my own horror film. It started off as a short story is now turning into a film within my brain and I’m inspired to write music and lyrics for it as well. My creativity is sky rocketing lately and I’m going to take advantage of it.

I will lock myself in my room with my notebooks, candles, and snackage to work upon this master piece festering within my brain. I enjoy creative binges. I must say though the best inspiration always comes when in the shower. Why is that? I hate it sometimes. Because when I get out and I’m back to reality — I forget what I have thought up. Soooooo — Lock away in my room with Mozart and candles to go on a creative splurge.

– Blood & Guts

– Mercy Desdemona

The Lodger – A Story of the London Fog (1927)


Hello Creeps. I apologize that my Friday Night horror film review is taking place on this Saturday morning. I completely lost track of the days. Today I would like to discuss one of my personal Hitchcock favorites: The Lodger – A Story of the London Fog. This film is one of his silent films from 1927, and is one of the few that didn’t end up lost. Let’s sum up the story line: News has spread that there is a killer on the loose who is killing women with blonde hair. A man asks for a room at what I assume is an inn or apartment building. The mother of the daughter begins to question if the man is in fact the serial killer.

The film starts out with a police men talking to a distressed woman. They find a piece of paper with the words “The Avenger” on it. I felt this opening made you feel like you were part of the movie. We find out that the Avenger is a Tall man with his face wrapped up. That is the only description that could be made about the serial killer The Avenger. He favored to kill women with beauty and golden hair. It’s quite apparent that The Avenger is like a Jack the Ripper who favored to mutilate prostitutes.
What I enjoy most about this film is the fact that it feels like you are part of it. It feels like you are someone walking down the street listening to the paper boy scream about the recent news. It feels like you’re in the car with the police officers driving through the streets. It feels like you are at the apartment building living with the family and worrying about who could be next.
This film mixes horror, comedy, and romance all into one in a great manner. For example, the daughter of the landlady is a fashion model with golden hair. To keep safe from The Avenger she wears a hat the covers the rest of her hair but has dark curls at the front end to make it look like she’s a dark haired woman.
When we get to the apartment building, we meet the mother, father, and the lover of the daughter. The lover of the daughter is a detective who goes on the search for The Avenger within the film. When the lodger comes to ask for a room, he immediately begins to stare at the daughter. At first, you start to believe that he finds her to be a very beautiful woman and she has captured his interest.
The daughter and the lodger become good friends and she doesn’t think it will cause any harm done by being friends. Her family and her lover don’t approve of the friendship since the Lodger is nothing but a mere stranger.
I enjoy the fact that this film can mix your emotions towards everyone in the film. There isn’t a moment where you aren’t actually thinking about each character in the film. Since it’s silent, the actors and actresses portray the emotion very well. It comes out of the screen and into your body to flow within. Unlike many silent films of the time, the body language of the people in the film isn’t over acted. Their reactions are more realistic as to what the reactions would be if we were all there in real life.

If you’d like to get lost within this Hitchcock film I found the full movie here:

If you do check out the film, please feel free to comment back and share with me your thoughts. I’d be interested in hearing them.

Blood & Guts,
Mercy Desdemona.