It’s been awhile since I could keep track of my blogs because the time is ticking against me and I have a music festival and more to put together in under 2 weeks. I have a meeting with a funding executive tomorrow at four o’clock. I also have to get posters together, finalize my music festival date (the only thing holding me back from success at this point), and more. It’s been a HARD road at this point. Considering the issues that come with a small time frame. At least, I found some great volunteers to help at the festival. We will hold refreshments and more! 

Yesterday, I was put fully in charge of all these aspects. It’s a very hard job, but I do have a great team that makes it all possible! I hate being at a stand still though with this waiting on a date considering I have to get things up and ready to go! 

I’ve made a word press blog for my business as well: For future customers and supporters to keep up with. 

Creeps, I must ask you a question:

  1. What advice can you give me to make this fundraiser a fun attraction aside from music and refreshments?
  2. Should I do some sort of raffle?

If anyone can give a few pointers – That would be great! 🙂

– mercy

The Waiting Game & More.


I’m currently playing the waiting game with my financing which is making me incredibly nervous. I had to switch my business opening date from Memorial Day to June. I need to be open at least 2 weeks before 4th of July. It takes 15 – 30 days to receive the funds and my investors told me on Monday they would get back to me in a couple days. I know it’s Wednesday, but I’m getting quite anxious. I am also working hard on my music fest fundraiser along with my boyfriend. That’s coming a long well – only the venue is at a stand still because we have to make sure our date doesn’t interfere with another party.

The waiting game is the absolute worst game to ever have to play. Especially, when it’s about as something as heavy as business financing. I know once the financing is situated, my family and friends can have a celebration of the accomplishment. It’s been so damn long! Every minute feels like an eternity as I wait. I’m very anxious to start my business, music career, and more outside of the web.

Year in Review (So Far):

  • Christmas 2012 – My boyfriend of 5 months moves in with me and meets my family for the first time.
  • The End of the Mercy & Luna Show in January 2013 – This was my first Youtube “show” with a then friend of mine, Luna, which we hosted every weekend. Over time, we could see that we wanted to chase our own life paths and things got rather rocky. Between our time differences, lifestyles, and the fact we weren’t close friends as we once were, the show and the friendship had to end.
  • Unsuccessful Entertainment begins in Feb. 2013 and is still going strong!
  • Dissident Overdrive Music Festival was formed on April 6th 2013 by my boyfriend and myself as a fundraiser for my family’s ice cream parlor business.
  • My love and I will be celebrating our 9 month anniversary.
  • I’ve gotten back into singing training and will pick up bass again once the business is up and going.
  • I’m starting to live for myself and feeling good about myself.

Igloo Donation Drive


Igloo Donation Drive

Hello Creeps! Today, I’m in need of your help. I am working on fundraising to obtain the capital I need to open my doors by June 2013. There is the link to my GoFundMe account if you’d like to take a look at the now updated page. Tomorrow, I will be shooting a video inside the Igloo Parlor to discuss in depth what the fundraising is all about. I am also working on a Music Fest to raise the rest of the funds and bring the community together to show what the Igloo has to offer for the kids, teens, and adults. If you would be so kind to click the link and pass it around I would be thankful. On the Igloo Donation page, I have taken away the rewards and replaced them with a break down of what the money is going to. I think that is a better way of showing where the money is going. Thank you.


– Mercy Desdemona

Business Update


I just got done talking to a person in the lending business who was straight forward and to the point. They told me my SBA guy is full of crap and they could help me. I still need a co-signer but it’s an obstacle I can over come because my family needs me. She’s willing to do a conference call with my family as well to get us in the right direction. You can tell she cares about the small businesses and it made me feel good that she was looking into all my options for me. 

Maybe the sky isn’t dark after all.

Business Judgement Day & Dream interpretation


Hello Creeps.

So, Monday is the day I can hopefully move forward with my business and save my family from potential doomsday. (which is coming along rather quickly) I will be talking with an underwriter from a company that offers a business line of credit. So far, so good. I’m both excited and nervous about what will become of the phone meeting and interview. In this interview, I have to defend my business plan and show why they should risk me when I have little to no credit. My younger brother is the only co-signer option I have but he’s 18 and has no credit what’s so ever. So, now I’m making homemade mac and cheese hoping that it will bring me good news tomorrow. I’m tired of the horrid news and want to move forward.

The dream I had last week about the positive Ouija board has been interpreted for me.

Positive Ouija Board: Your spirit guide was making an effort to talk to you and gain your attention. Shows that even though you have had hardship, good news and smooth sails are on the way. Hard work and efforts shall pay off despite major negativity.

Hopefully they are correct.


Blood & Guts

Mercy Desdemona

Unsuccessful Entertainment