Music Idols


We all have individuals we look up to. It gives us joy & hope to see someone accomplishing our dreams – showing us that it is possible and not just a fantasy. I have many idols when it comes to music. But, I’m only going to share a select few and the reasoning behind me idolizing these people. I appreciate the mark they’ve made within the music world and in my soul.

Doro Pesch

– Doro is definitely the only woman I look up too. She showed the world that a chick can be in metal and not have to slut up. I used to sing to her music all the time and it gave me confidence to ditch the music to sing that was shoved down my throat, (my grandparents and school despised the fact I wanted to cover Doro songs) and just pursue what I want to do.

Peter Steele

– Type O Negative/Carnivore were the first two metal bands that I heard as a young child. From there my love for metal grew. The bass playing and vocal ability of this man inspired me to pick up bass and sing myself. My favorite song I used to sing as a small child was Black No 1. ( I would sing songs with numbers a lot! My other fave was White Zombie’s Thunderkiss ’65)

Ronnie James Dio

– Dio is another vocalist that inspired me to pursue my dreams. Goes to show that being an intelligent person and a big nerd can take you places. I don’t know what it is that caught my attention, possibly his stage presence – but it made me feel instantly at home. That the pop music crap the people around me were trying to shove on me wasn’t my place. Dio was just calling me home.

I apologize for the crappy post. As I got distracted thinking up pranks with my boyfriend.
– Mercy Desdemona

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Slow, Deep, and Hard – Type O Negative (Recommend)


2:00AM – Can’t sleep worth shit. So why not recommend a favorite album? I can’t guarantee it will be a good one – but give this tired brain a try. I don’t apologize for it sucking. As I’ve warned you BEFOREHAND. You’re the one that kept reading.

Slow, Deep, and Hard was Type O Negative’s first album. The first album of which my tiny child ears fell upon (besides Bloody Kisses) when I was just a small girl. Although this album came out when I was exiting my mother’s birth canal (’91), I can remember being attracted to the sound of the bass and the vocals while I would take my tiny naps. Needless to say my parents had the best nap time music for a child.

I enjoy the dark and dreary album because it talks about real life situations and pain. Something of which is missing in today’s lyrical content. The lyrics reach you at an emotional level causing the brain to function in mysterious ways. Triggering you to think as the music sinks beneath the skin. My favorite song on the album is Der Untermensch due to the fact it talks about all the parasites to society. With the lyrical content full of truth how could you go wrong? The heart wrenching pain of wanting to murder a cheating lover – felt deep to the bone. Relatable on all aspects. Although some people recommend Bloody Kisses or October Rust (I adore all the albums by this band), I would start off with this one. Only because it’s stuck in my head right now.

Take a listen:

Fuck this writing shit.

– Mercy

World’s Attack on Heavy Metal


Hello beautiful creeps.

Today has been a busy day full of work and the occasional web browsing. Whilst browsing the web my boyfriend and I stumbled upon an article yet again blaming the hard rock/heavy metal genres for youth’s petty crimes and “possible” hardcore crimes as an adult. Here is the article if you’re interested:

First and foremost I’d like to know the person that would take the time out to listen to music backwards for a living. Are you really that pathetic in life you have to listen to a genre you despise and play it backwards? Are you so petty that you have to spend your life trying to find Satan within the world because your religious preference or overall life preference says it’s a wrong way of life? Answer to those two questions is yes. Yes indeed you are.

As a fan of Heavy Metal, I must say that I never have the urge to go murder someone nor do I have the rage to make me go insane. If anything, the music has helped me become a better person and grow. I adore the genre to a full extent because of the emotion that is within the music. This genre helped me when I was in a low emotional state when I was younger. It made me feel empowered to go after the dreams I wish to accomplish and over all become a metal musician myself. It sparked life within me. I used to be someone full of so much rage and hatred for myself. I had a low self esteem and didn’t have a dream in the world.

The first two bands that really brought me into the metal world were Type O Negative and Dio. I used to listen to those two bands non-stop before my metal library expanded. I didn’t want to listen to anything else. I felt at home and empowered within the music. I could relate to the words, the way each note was played helped soothe me from the situations I was going through. Metal helped me become a strong individual. Opened my mind to the world around me. And, motivates me to get through my struggles.

I am not some form of serial killer nor am I a person that will rob your store. If anything, I’m an individual that would take the time out to talk to you. About different world views, music, films etc. just like anyone else in the neighborhood. Sure, I may have views and a personality about me that is hard to take – but I am who I am. I have metal to thank for the confidence, the power, and the connection to the human spirit/mind.

One thing I don’t understand is how people can gather groups around and attack our genre of music yet, we don’t go around playing pop records/mp3s backwards trying to decode them. And yet, I sit here thinking about it and the truth of the matter is — people HATE what they can’t understand. And when they can’t understand it — It’s seen as competition. And competition to a way of life — leads to conservatives sitting in their homes listening to Judas Priest backwards. To find a scapegoat for why people aren’t a carbon copy of them.

Don’t like or understand metal? Be afraid. Be very afraid. Because we are more human than you. WE have our emotions, our brains and our connection to the soul. We don’t just repeat what people feed us and call it life. We live life.

– Blood & Guts –
Mercy Desdemona

Stay Negative


Dearest Creeps,

Everyone has that one band that helped them through thick or thin or just captures their attention unlike any other. For me this band is Type O Negative. It’s a band that has been a household name since I was a little girl. I remember first hearing “Black No 1” when my dad put it on the cd player and from that point on I was hooked. The emotion and music is something that ignited my love for music today. My dad had always wanted to see the band but never had the chance too until my brother and I scored tickets in 2009. When we heard the news that front man Peter Steele passed on my dad wore a Type O arm band all day. Today is Peter Steele’s birthday so I thought I’d share my two favorite albums with you as a cheers.


– Mercy Desdemona