Mercy’s Macabre (Web Series) Coming Soon!


Hello Devils & Ghouls.

‘Tis my pleasure to announce that I am currently working on a web series! I’ve been wanting to get back into doing YouTube for a very long time and have finally formulated a neat idea that I think you will all enjoy. Join me in my web series as I talk entertainment of all forms! I’m hoping to get everything gathered for Episode One by the beginning of February. I am delighted to be back creating videos and this time around I feel this web series will have a shaky start but hopefully bring in some¬†viewers. I thank you all that read my¬†blog and hope you will join in on following me on youtube one the series begins! The series will be a weekly show. Which I think is more than sufficient. When the first episode is uploaded, I will share with you all. I’m hoping to have some contests and such within the show as well. That is one of the goals. Maybe once a month I’ll do a live show where you guys can ask me questions. But that’s later on. I’m working hard on my web series, episode one. I’m excited it’s driving me completely batty! — Signed, Mercy Desdemona