Dear my little Devils and Ghouls


Dear Devils and Ghouls,

I simply adore all the feedback and follows you have given me and helping me become more of the person I truly am. I think it’s only fair that I share a few things with you as you guys are my loyal subjects.


First thing is – What was your first Youtube Video?   <– On my old channel: Morticiamasquerade I bring up my first youtube video ever made back when I was a Sophomore in high school (or around there.) My friend Samantha and I went on a road trip far far away from our homelands.


Where did you go from there?  <– It went on to develop into a “Late night” live show I had with my best friend at the time, Luna Elysium. But after awhile, we started to notice that our friendship wasn’t as we thought it once was and that it was time to part ways in order for us to grow as individuals.


As you guys know, I’m now doing videos with my boyfriend on Unsuccessful Entertainment and my own channel.

I really enjoy making videos and I’m thinking of having a late night live with you guys again. It was a blast having a late night show every Friday night. I want to revive that with my boyfriend. Possibly doing a live music and film show? Hmmm… Would you Devils and Ghouls like that? If you would either like this post, send a comment, or give us a like on our facebook page.


– Mercy

Outdoor Jam Out


This is a silly jam out video that my love created when his pals were up for a weekend. My love is the one on bass, my brother on the black drum set and his friend on another. They were just messing around. I was talking in the background with his other buddies. But, I have a feeling I’ll be in the next jam out video.

– Mercy

Music Festival Update



June first is creeping up upon us and I’m hoping that the weather man is incorrect about the weather on that day. 85 degrees with a chance of mild thunderstorms. That would piss me off after all this hard work has been done and we’d have to switch stuff. NO!

I might want to check with the adult center to see if they’ll be our indoor venue just in case. Other than that, I have no idea. The high school would be alright, but looks poor considering its a fundraiser for a local business.

We’ve had an act cancel on us, so we have 2 more band slots available and time working against us! Other than that, bands are all secured. I have to rush Saturday morning to pick up my PA system and rush to the venue.

This is going to be an interesting Saturday and I’m very frustrated at this point because I still haven’t heard from the group that’s supposed to be doing the bake sale table! It’s quite irritating when everything comes down to this one day. One chance at a first impression.

On a great note, my festival is being advertised on BIC:

I appreciate their time in advertising for us! It’s an honor.

I have gotten a lot more confident than I ever was during this whole endeavor. Now, it’s crunch time to take those daydreams into a reality.

I’m pretty happy with how this festival came about and all the struggles with it. It shows that I can tackle the worst situations and become better at what I do! Life is a learning experience!

What I’m looking forward to – not only the festival and the opening of my ice cream shop – but also getting back into music myself! I’ve been saying this for a long time, but this time it’s going to happen!

I’ve already gotten back into doing my vocal warm up practices. I’d really like to get my hands on a bass again and do keyboards again.

Inspirations are all around me. I’ve been working hard for two damn years to create a better life for myself, my boyfriend, and my family. I’d love to see it pay off.

I’m also going to get back into doing the film and album reviews once a week on this blog after the festival. Unsuccessful Entertainment will be back doing videos after the festival as well.

We appreciate all the new follows and subscribers! Thanks for Creepin’!

– Mercy Desdemona, Will, & Harry the Cat

Unsuccessful Entertainment


Hello Creeps. I am going to take a minute for self-promotion. I’m currently working on my new Youtube project with my boyfriend. We’re called: Unsuccessful Entertainment – Where we unsuccessfully entertain you. We are two horror and music junkies that review films/albums for your pleasure (or not). We will be hosting a live event at the end of every month where we show a film (eventually of the audience’s choosing), answer creeps questions and recommend/play music.
(Eventually, we may be performing live music once our band is in running order.)

If you like my blog why not follow me on Youtube at:

And “Like” our facebook page:

Thanks creeps for all the support and lurking. It’s appreciated.

Blood & Guts

– Mercy

Pizza on my Pick


Hello Creeps.

Due to my lack of ability to sleep, I seem to get in these weird deep thinking remembering modes once in a while. I remember when I was a little girl, I would tell my dad stories while we were going places in his truck. One of the family favorites that they seem to love to pick on me about is the tale of Pizza on my Pick.

The tale was about a man who one day decided to sit on a random log. He was sad all because he had pizza on his pick and he didn’t know what to do. His friend the frog hopped away and he was worried about him. He couldn’t get to the stream because it was to far away on foot and he didn’t have a boat-car. (Yeah that’s right, a boat-car.) He cried and cried and tried to play his guitar but he couldn’t because of the pizza on his pick.

I was a very strange child. I would sing and sing and sing in my grandma’s kitchen about the “Moon and the stars and the Skelskins!” I remember watching Beetlejuice when I was younger and it has been my favorite film ever since.

Enough with childhood memories.

– Mercy Desdemona