Dissident Overdrive Music


Dissident Overdrive Music

Welcome Devils!

To our online music store! Factory Sealed CDs & More! Ranging from a variety of genres, Unsuccessful Entertainment changed their E-Bay name to: Dissident Overdrive Music!

Check out our new items that have just been uploaded today!

Prompt Shipping after we receive the payment!

That ends this pitiful self promotion!

– Mercy & Will & Harrington the Cat

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Mercy’s Music Box List #1


Hello Creeps. I suppose I’ll start sharing some of my favorite music to listen to to spread the love of my favorites and share some music with you creepers. Here’s my first list, I hope you enjoy:

I hope you enjoy this small list. Reviews to come soon.
Again, I’m pressed for time today. Have a hauntingly horrible day.

– Mercy Desdemona