Dear Kid Down the Street


Dear Kid Down The Street,

I suggest you look both ways before pulling out of your driveway at hyper speed only to get to the stop sign first. Several times, I have almost gotten hit because of your lack of detail that hey, you know what, this is a street, people have to drive here they’ve got places to go, people to see, work to be done. So I’ll be a gentleman and look out for my fellow drivers.

NO! Instead, you’re a frickin ASS almost hitting me! What if someone was walking on the street and you don’t see them?! Or a child is playing in the road?! Seriously… Dude.. I don’t know how you passed that road test.

Get a cup of manners and a slice of reality dear. Becuase if you keep on being a dangerous jackass you may not hurt yourself but you could cause others a lot of pain.