2013 in Review


It’s that time of the year again… where we each take a look back at the years past and deeply think about our choices and where we are currently. I will admit, 2013 has to be the rockiest year I’ve ever had. From arguments, to self struggle, and not to mention a couple break downs a long the way I have finally sorted through it all and feel so much better. With that, let’s take a look at Mercy’s Review of 2013!

  • The beginning of the year started off with friendships ending. Mercy & Luna was a show I did with a good friend of mine at the time. The show fell apart when we both wanted to be heard and in the end it became well, less fun. Our friendship fell apart when I needed someone there the most — I didn’t realize what was going on with me. In the end, I’m glad the friendship died out. It made me realize that it’s a part of life to get rid of people and although the end was horrid, the long friendship that was there had an importance at one point. I am glad that I did have the friendship and I do wish Luna well with all her adventures.
  • My boyfriend moved in last year on Christmas Eve and have had an interesting year not just finding ourselves but finding out where we are relationship wise and together on this big floating rock. There were tears, yelling, hugging, and laughter and I wouldn’t change it for the world! Through this year of emotional turmoil, we’re still with each other and not an ounce of time is wasted on sadness anymore! 
  • 2013 was definitely the year where I started my journey of self discovery. I admitted my faults and acknowledged them, grew from mistakes, and embrace my life instead of killing myself off in a manner that I won’t act upon anything. I had a lot of new experiences, scare a con, meeting new friends, going out a lot more, and embracing my oddities that make me – ME! I am a lovely young woman with a brain full of intellect that I shouldn’t dumb myself down to fit in with people who have caused me grief. I am tolerant, and observant. I am an old soul in a young body. I yearn to learn different cultures and other worlds. Books are my gateway to my soul and I enjoy being me very much. 
  • I started to realize that you need to pick battles and put your foot down. It’s not worth the complete headaches to fight small battles that don’t mean anything in the future. Fighting for a secure future and your dreams is worth more than money could buy! 


For what I’ve seen of this year, it’s been meaningful. I needed it to knock me out of what world in my head I was living in and start noticing the world around me in a better manner. Creativity is apart of who I am and it will never be pushed aside again. 2014 is the year of perseverance for me. Goals will be obtained. Failure is not an option. And on top of that my band, Demonic Refusal, will make it’s debut!


How was 2013 for you?!


– Mercy

Mercy, Oh Mercy! Where for out thou Mercy?!


I am here my little devils. Just been rather busy getting the restaurant in order amongst other things. I have done some photography lately with my new camera. It’s quite amazing to get photographs that are so clear.

I’ve done some singing and bass playing lately as well to get on track with my music and be able to jam with my boyfriend.

Youtube – I will be more active on. Why? Because it’s my creative outlet. And sometimes I’m too damn lazy to type shit out.

Biggest Pet Peeve: When someone comes to your house and asks “Do you have a bathroom?” I feel that I have to restrain myself from saying ” No we use the lawn.” -_-

Dead  Like Me should have had more seasons than just two.

Mental Debate: To return to college or just become a college drop out. :O Why on earth would you wanna drop out of college young lady? Well hmmm…let’s see… I’m already 37K in debt to college loans for a degree that is pretty much as useful as a penny when you go to the gas station. I also have a business loan out. The business of which I’m going to be opening soon. My hands on opportunities are far greater than the classes I’m taking. Not only that, the educational system for my field is just not all there. I feel like instead of getting a 37K education I’m getting a 2K education. But that’s currently something else that’s on my mind.

Relationship: My boyfriend and I have been together a little over a year now, and we’re still going strong! Glad we decided to move in together and begin our journey. We’ve had our fights and all but we’re still by each others side and have great times.


Have you guys ever had that “eye awakening” moment? Like, dude seriously. It’s just better do this crap myself because the people around me are bozos moment? Yeah… I’m having a lot of those.


People always tell me I have a face that could scare an undertaker when I’m walking around. Apparently I have this natural snarl to me. Hm… it comes in handy. Pro: I don’t have to deal with idiots. Con: Not very friendly.


Well, my devils. I just got cable again. And this is my week kinda-sorta “off” before we continue our journey to open the restaurant. I’m going to enjoy it! Even though I have worries on the brain.

Be sure to keep a look out for my new videos and new videos from Unsuccessful Entertainment.

I thank you for your internet stalking and hope that you have a horrendous day.

Bats & Ghouls,

Mercy Desdemona