Internet Hiatus


Hello Creeps! 

I am taking a one week hiatus from the web due to the fact that I have only a short time to gather the information needed for funding for the family business. It needs my dedication and time and to be top priority! 

I’m really nervous because the clock is ticking and we’re starting to lose hope. I need to keep it alive. I found a few companies that help start-up businesses which are coming in handy! I have an important meeting March 5th that I need to get ready for. 

Wish me luck creeps!  I will be writing in my journal during my travels that will be blog posts when I get back. Thank you all for the support, shares, and follows! 

– Mercy Desdemona


P.s. Unsuccessful Entertainment is working on 2 projects: 

– Music

– The Thing Review (3 parts!) 


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Upcoming for Unsuccessful Entertainment


Dearest Creeps – This blog is just an update on upcoming projects for our Youtube page linked below:

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Rough Schedule:

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– LIVE Ustream once a month.
– Original films and music.

We’re working hard on our epic content for no ones pleasure.

As always, thanks for wasting time with our existence!
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– Unsuccessful Entertainment