Hello Creeps! Business Update!


Hello! I’ve missed blogging very much! But I have been pre-occupied with the fundraisers and my business situation. Right now, I’m in a good placement because I’m finding more and more about what I need to do and feeling so much more accomplished. I’m actually going down to my shop this week to start taking out items I know I definitely won’t need and selling them to someone that could use it. 

My community is well aware of my situation and since The Igloo is such a beloved place by all, many people are reaching out to me asking me what they could do to help! So far, I’ve got a place donated to me for the music festival and the date and times are beginning to take place. Which means, on top of everything else I’m doing, I need practice vocals. And how does Mercy do that? By singing while she’s doing business work and yard work!

I also have a new Unsuccessful Entertainment video to upload! It will be in 2 parts.

Dissident Overdrive Music Festival & Igloo Merchandise!


Hey Creeps. I’ve been busy trying to obtain my capital for my start up ice cream shop. Go figure, it’s easier to get help once your in business…but NOT to make it happen. -_- Yeah, you heard me! So, here I am, no credit history and managed to obtain a business credit card with a small limit to help me build my credit score. I’m still in search of a co-signer and with tensions high, I need to stay calm and be level headed.

My boyfriend and I have come up with the Dissident Overdrive Music Festival! And I just recently added some merchandise items!

Dark T-Shirts and Merchandise are coming up later this evening. If you’d like to check it out and purchase something as support that would be great! Check here: http://www.cafepress.com/dissidentoverdrivemusicfestival <–Click it or copy/paste.


I am currently trying to figure out a way to get open for at least 1 month to show investors that this is a good idea. I’m really looking forward to this hurdle/obstacle to be behind me and be successful in my venture!


– Mercy Desdemona

Music Fest Fundraiser?


With the clock ticking and me waiting to hear back from potential investors — I can’t just sit around and not try to raise funds for the family business. My boyfriend, Brother, and I are all three musicians and have put our creativity to work. We’re thinking of hosting a Music Fest to raise funds and promote the ice cream shop and utilize the Unsuccessful Entertainment Youtube channel as our way to promote other performers that will be playing. The Fundraiser won’t only help the ice cream parlor, but our youtube channel will be used to help promote fellow musicians, artists, photographers, etc in the area and get recognition.

I will have to think fast and correct when coming up with this fundraiser. My investors are on a stand-still looking over the information I had forwarded over to them. So, I have to act now and get things in order. The problem is, I only have $30 to create this shin-dig. Unless, partial of the funds raised goes towards the venue.

I’m thinking of hosting this as an outside event. So people from 13 and Up can come see bands play and enjoy a meal of hot dogs and ice cream. I do have contacts with my old high school that maybe willing to help me put this all together. In order to get this started, I would need to make a Facebook like page for the Igloo Parlor and spread it around rapidly to gain attention.

Not only am I doing the fundraiser in person, but I am going to re-vamp my GoFundMe for those quite a distance away to put inside the donation pool. This will also be advertised everywhere. I am very goal driven and stubborn, and this will be accomplished.

If you guys have any tips for me to accomplish my fundraising goal – don’t be shy! Share them!

– Mercy Desdemona

Business Update


So I met with the man at the SBA and he said he was going to talk to two micro lenders and two bank contacts for my ice cream shop. I still feel like I need to talk to financial places with my father to get myself closer to the funds needed to open. I have a good feeling about it since the meeting. it’s all more positive than it was before. I just need to have that foot in a little bit more to feel secure about the situation.

I’ve been told that grants are available too. But, I am discouraged from seeking any. I am very determined to get my business open by May, June the latest. I will do what it takes.

Starting an Ice Cream Shop


So, for the past 2 years I’ve been trying to gather all information together to put together a business plan for my family’s ice cream shop. 2 years – yes because I had to learn a lot of the industry via classes and such. I have a deadline of March 15th, and don’t see the SBA guy again until March 5th. I’m freaking out because I’m in need of start up funding. I don’t want to lose this for my family as it will end up to be our only income. Every time I think I am taking one step ahead, I’m pushed down. Maybe I’m making things harder on myself, I don’t know. But, this is definitely something that needs to happen. I can’t lose this opportunity at all. Let’s hope today is going to be a step forward with the shop.