Waiting Game


Hello Creeps.

Let me tell you, nothing is more nerve racking than wondering about something that’s been on your mind so damn much. The funding, the music festival…It’s to the point where I’m exhausted and can’t sleep! It’s 6:31AM and I’ve been up since 4:30AM just wondering and pacing. The Jeopardy “Think Music” comes to play.

– Mercy Desdemona ~

Search for funding… continued


Definitely thinking of doing the music fest idea as a fundraiser. Already got the school’s music club to help out. Problem is ironing out the ideas, getting a date, venue, and flyers.

I still need a co-signer which is my major obstacle. Because let’s face it, if I even do raise money for this thing, I don’t know if it will be enough to do the renovations, get the equipment or the inventory. It may just be enough to pay my mortgage on the building. I need a back up plan.

I myself, qualify for equipment financing. But if I do that, I still won’t have money for inventory or renovations. 

So, I thought hey fundraise and use the equipment financing – No problem! Right? But whose to say this fundraiser will do the job? I mean, if I can make this business open for 3 months I could qualify for a line of credit by myself (supposedly). I am in a bind. My family needs this more than anything. 

I could check with the county chamber of commerce – they may tell me to see the SBA. And the SBA has done … well nothing but pretty much discriminate me for my age. After two years, I need something to show for myself. 

I’m honestly, in a bind. I don’t know of any co-signer. And that’s what’s bothering me. The co-signer is only temporary through this business I found. 3 months and the co-signer disappears. I need a co-signer because of my young age. Apparently, other young “entrepreneurs” used the business credit for a vacation in Tahiti. Not only that, but the fact I don’t ever use credit cards pretty much screws me over.  -_-

So.. .what should I do? I need something to get the doors open and the profits rolling in. I know this business is profitable because I did work there when it was open. I watched the trends and learned from it. 


I really need to get this on a roll. 

Here is the Igloo GoFundMe page if you care to take a look: Igloo GoFundMe!

– Mercy

Start Up Funding


http://www.gofundme.com/Iglooparlor <— Donation pool for my parlor.

Still in search of a co-signer. My friends have to young of a credit, my family isn’t cooperating so I can’t get a word in to talk to them. So I have to try to get some cash flow some how. Sadly, it’s not looking good for me. Start up funding for business is a little to none. I’ve worked so hard for 2 years, I’m still pursuing this. But every day my confidence goes down. I feel drained. I don’t know where to go for help. 

Quick Business Update!


Hello Creeps. 

I want to thank you all for the words of encouragement in this struggling time of mine. Today, I received an e-mail from the man at the SBA who is going to meet with me by phone to discuss a letter of recommendation to replace the need of a co-signer. I’m still waiting for my second business call from the underwriter, but I’m glad to have a strong, happy feeling in my gut instead of the stressed and negative feeling I’ve had for the passed few weeks. 

I look forward to both phone interviews and can’t wait to get started to move forward.


– Mercy