Beauty Bag??


I am so… out of my element when discussing beauty products. But my Ghouls have asked for some insight on all the products I use. I don’t use a whole lot and after a day of running around, I made this video and now I’m going to take a nap in my chambers. I hope you enjoy.

Your exhausted Host,
Mercy Desdemona

Girls… Girls… Girls….


A great part of a relationship is that you get to share your friends with your boyfriend, and you get to meet his. But it’s not always fun when the girls do nothing but harass and attempt petty drama. I get very defensive about my relationship, and I do NOT tolerate any over stepping boundaries or the fact that these “friends” are taking my boyfriend’s nice nature as something more than it is. I can honestly say, girls I distrust with a deep passion. They have to earn my trust. And so far, even when I’m nice… these chicks are harrassing me and trying to stir trouble. I don’t want my low confidence to kick in again, but sometimes it does….