I’m Writing a Horror Film


Hello my creeps.

Yes, I am writing a lot in my blog tonight because I have the funny feeling that I shall be busy writing my horror film today and will be neglecting my blog for a little while. I have been inspired to write my own horror film. It started off as a short story is now turning into a film within my brain and I’m inspired to write music and lyrics for it as well. My creativity is sky rocketing lately and I’m going to take advantage of it.

I will lock myself in my room with my notebooks, candles, and snackage to work upon this master piece festering within my brain. I enjoy creative binges. I must say though the best inspiration always comes when in the shower. Why is that? I hate it sometimes. Because when I get out and I’m back to reality — I forget what I have thought up. Soooooo — Lock away in my room with Mozart and candles to go on a creative splurge.

– Blood & Guts

– Mercy Desdemona


The Girly Ghosthunters (Review – Please Shoot Me)


A follower of my youtube told me to check out a show entitled, The Girly Ghosthunters. Now, when I saw the name I was already getting the noose ready but I was a trooper and sat through the 13 episodes they have. Why did I sit through it all? I think it’s because I had no idea what to say about it and I was just sitting there with a look of “How could these people ever have a show in the first place” to click the “X” button.

Let’s get into the review. You have four girls attempting to be ghost hunters. In the opening sequence, you see their names and their favorite ghost hunting tools. So these four girls shove themselves in an RV and go places that are supposedly haunted. Sounds only okay at this point right?

Wrong! The majority of the show is just them interviewing people at the places of interest, they walk around like they are giving tours and then scare themselves at night by acting like city chicks in the woods.

They don’t show any of their findings nor give you any explanation at the end. It’s just a short recap of their idiotic screams. You can’t take the show seriously at all. When they do attempt to use the ouija board it’s clear that they are moving it and joking around. I can’t believe people like this get say with being signed for one season and people out there that have a great interest in paranormal investigation aren’t given a chance. seriously World… what is wrong with you.

Anyway, thanks creep on my youtube for making me want to jump off a bridge watching this crappy show.

Blood & Guts,

Ouija Boards: Game or Real?


I’ve always had a fascination with learning about the darker side of the world. Ever since I was a wee-little girl, I was writing lyrics about ghouls and goblins only to grow up to be the “weird kid” in school and basically in life. When it comes to the paranormal I always run into three types of people. 1 – The Believer 2 – The Fraudulent Skeptic 3 – The Skeptic. I say these three types of people because I always have believers that tell me about the ouija board. They treat it with respect and as a form of communication. The fraudulent skeptic is usually (at least in my eyes) the person that says “It’s just a game!” but when the board is out they freak out. And then they’re are the true skeptics that say “It’s just a game and your imagination.” While I respect all 3 types of people for their input on this matter and enjoy hearing views from all sides — I have to go with the side of the believer.

I say this because I’ve had experiences with the paranormal. I see the board as a good tool to talk with passed lives. But, I also realize that there can be danger. Just like with most things in life – You can go for a walk because its good and healthy yet you have the danger of getting hit by a car. Now, I know some people will say — “The supernatural is more dangerous than that.”

I’ve been told to treat the board with respect and use safety (candles, prayers, spells, etc) and you’ll be fine. I’ve only used the board twice. Both times with someone that knew what she was doing. But I can’t help but wonder what others think… Real or Fake?